5 Ways to liven up your Matrimonial Profile

Most of the matrimony profile is created by parents. So, if you put in some thought into writing your profile, you may attract the right person who would be interested in taking things further.

But if your goal is to attract not only the boy/girl but the parents or the whole family involved then you need to add something extra to your profile to get things done effortlessly.

Take proper care about the following things we are going to discuss below-

Profile Picture

It is not advisable to judge a book by its cover but people do judge you by your profile picture. So avoid taking a long shot, group photos, old and unfocused photos. Avoid taking pictures of low-resolution phones. It’s recommended to take photos with a quality camera. Photos are the heart of your profile. So, ask your photographer friend to take professional photos of you. Smile if possible.

Profile Information

Next is profile information. Fill out every detail with accurate information. Exaggerating won’t be good in the long term. You’re not trying to find a girl to date but a woman to marry and to become a life partner so it’s better to be completely honest about your job, family, and hobbies. Giving false information will only land you in trouble later.

Be Interesting

The attention span of people is 12 seconds. So, make your description interesting. Keep your write up like you are in a comfortable conversation and expressing yourself to a potential bride/groom. Online matrimonial websites have millions of profiles and if you create your profile properly, it’s not difficult to be found by the right person.

Be regular

Try logging into your profile as often as possible. There is no other way to find out whether your profile got views and if so, who visited it and showed interest. Being irregular might lead to losing on many good profiles

Be specific

Give a glimpse of who you are like if you’re humorous don’t shy away from putting that up. Specify your hobbies and interests. Also what kind of a partner you’re looking for (It might be either their personality or profession etc).

So, it’s suggestible that being authentic, real and regular will help you get your better half. All the best.



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