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Lessons to learn from break-ups - Defence Wards Matrimony

Lessons to learn from break-ups

Breakup is hard, but its lessons are enlightening. That is the beauty of life – you always find a truth in paradox.

It’s darn-near impossible to find a silver lining in a breakup. It’s even more of a challenge to think positive thoughts when you’re the one who got dumped.

But they teaches you more about love and life than anything else in the world.

Sure, things may not have gone exactly as you’d planned, but at least now you have a better understanding of what you want — and categorically don’t want — in your next relationship.

Every relationship, whether good or bad, always has a lesson behind it. You just have to look at it from a positive angle. This is actually the best time to figure out exactly what didn’t work out, and how to love yourself again.

Relationships are supposed to be about that intimacy you share with another individual, and even though not all relationships last, at least you can view each relationship as a time of personal growth and understanding. If you’ve recently broken up with your significant other and you’re trying to find the positive during this really difficult time, here are few lessons you can take with you after a relationship has ended.

1. Learn to be Independent

It’s time to draw the line and after experiencing a break-up and learn to rely more on yourself rather than on anybody else. Because some battles in life are meant to be fought alone.

2. Learn to Move on

Break ups might leave you feeling all-lost and alone. But changes are bound to happen, life’s all about fighting against the tide. Once you regain full control over life, you will start thinking of love as an end-point of trauma and start visualizing on a new beginning more like the start of a new-chapter in life. Relationships go the same way too, learn to accept the fact and move on.

3.Learning to pick yourself up

It’s time to learn to build your self-esteem and start hitting reality check on the fact that he/she isn’t yours anymore. Start dating and looking out for new-bis to make up for the time you lost.

4.Learn to stop blaming

Everything in life happens for a reason. Learn and move on. There’s a reason behind everything that happens in life, break-ups and relationships are just the same. Stop looking for someone to blame it all on.

5. What’s meant to be will be

You can hope and try for something all you want, but ultimately, you can’t force it. If it didn’t work out, it means you’re about to be directed toward something better (even if it’s hard to understand that now). When we want to make something work, we need to be willing to make some sacrifices and put in the dirty work. But if you keep hitting the same walls of rejection and the same, re-occurring battles, it’s time to take a new approach.

6.Accept the Truth

Denial leads nowhere. The time it will take you to move on depends almost entirely on your willingness to understand and to accept your situation. If you’re looking for reasons to miss someone, you will always find them.

7. Everything is temporary — change is constant.

While there are relationships that can last a lifetime, they are rare. We are constantly changing, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Emotions, seasons, feelings and trends all change. Nothing is permanent and while that can sometimes be dismal and scary, it also means that we never run out of opportunities to have new beginnings.

8.  Crying won’t get you anywhere.

It is important to remember that emotions will come and go. Let them. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do in life — make a relationship work or get promoted — at the end of the day, belittling yourself to the point of whining, wailing and complaining will offer little reward.