DWM- The best platform for serving defence officers/jawans looking for their better half

We are more than happy to announce that Defence Wards Matrimony or DWM has helped thousands of people all across the world find their perfect partner.  The reason is behind this success is simple, this website constantly works to bring the best suitable profiles for their members. All the profiles are genuine and there is […]

What is it like to be a part of a Big fat Punjabi Wedding?

Punjabi traditions are one of the most fun-filled ceremonies enjoyed and celebrated with the closest families and friends gathered under one roof. With ceremonies like hiding the groom’s shoes in exchange for money, day drinking during sangeet and Mehendi, old and bald uncles and aunties dancing crookedly, Undoubtedly, Punjabi weddings are the most fun to […]

Signs of an Emotionally-Abusive Relationship

Emotional abuse is generally considered any harmful abusive behavior that is not physical. A relationship becomes emotionally abusive when the pattern occurs repeatedly over time. With physical abuse, there is often an evidence of violence, but emotionally-abusive relationships can involve sophisticated—and toxic—mind games that often leaves no evidence. Emotional Abuse may include the following- Yelling: It’s […]