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Defence Wards Matrimony - Defence Wards Matrimony

Defence Wards Matrimony

We have been getting a lot of of questions and queries from you guys lately, asking about what Defence Wards Matrimony is? How does it function? Who is the owner? Is it reliable? Are there any success stories? etc etc

Today we are going to answer all of your questions through this blog. We are going to tell you in a detailed manner about what exactly is

What is Defence Wards Matrimony?

Defence Wards Matrimony is an exclusive matrimony portal for the children from defence background. Mrs Parveen Brar wife of a retired Senior Officer from the Indian Army is the owner of this site. She came up with an idea about this site When she was looking for matches for her children who have not joined the services but were keen to marry within the defence fraternity, she was at her wits end. No matrimonial portal fully addressed her requirement. Hence Defence Wards matrimony came into existence, It fulfills the need for such an exclusive site.

The defence children are doing so well all over the world, they have a common experience of growing up in the cantonment with its unique culture of school buses , canteens , officers institutions , recreation and sports facilities etc. As they have the same values and upbringing compatibility is greater among not only the partners in marriage but also the families. Also background check is so very easy. The defence fraternity is the ideal example of unity with diversity. It is managed by a set of hardworking people with a mission and a promise. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate partner search experience and believes that no other matrimonial service can provide you with the value Defence Wards Matrimony can.


How to Sign In?

  1. Open There you will find ‘REGISTER FREE’ button Click on it and put in your Email Id and Password and click on Login, your profile will open up.
  2. Go to the home page of your profile and enter in all the details of your ward.
  3. Search for suitable matches on your home page.
  4. Choose the membership of your choice and proceed to payment.


How reliable is the site?

The sole purpose of this site is to assist people from defence and to become a platform for them to find a perfect match from themselves within the defence fraternity itself. Hence, most of the registered profiles are from defence background, all the profiles are verified through calls and e-mails after they register. If anybody fails to prove his identity/credentials or we get a slight hint about the profile being fake or not reliable,we do not hesitate in deleting such profiles. We believe in quality over quantity, therefore we do not have unlimited profiles, but whatever we have are all reliable and genuine profiles. We have our strict principles to give the best possible services to our members and continuously work to provide them the best experience associating with us.


Can Civilians Register?

Initially we made it a point not to accept any civilians on but as the time passed by we started getting calls and requests from Civilians to help them find a suitable match from defence. So we started accepting Civilians profile who are really keen and serious about finding a match from defence fraternity. But it is not like we are accepting all the civilians profile, we thoroughly check their background and profile properly before accepting them.


Do you provide any Special/Personalized Service to your Customer?

Yes, We do provide a personalized service to our Premium customers, we have a handcrafted membership plan, in which we too get involved personally helping them find a match as per their preferences. We talk to the other party on their behalf and interact with them from time to time.


Any success stories?

We have innumerable Success stories, few of them have been shared on the site. Some people are not comfortable disclosing their pictures and stories so we do not put them up on the site. We have many happy clients who after having find a match from our site are helping us create an awareness about the site and referring people to us.

The success stories of our clients encourage us and give us a strength to work harder each day.


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