Happiness is Being Married to Your Best Friend

The person who you marry should be your best friend, and there is no need to tiptoe around this. Almost every blissful married man or a woman will tell you this – happiness is being married to your best friend. And studies confirm it. The benefits of marriage multiply when your spouse is also your best friend. On this Friendship day, Sharing with you all a short list of the benefits of having a best friend and a spouse all in one person.

You can communicate well

Best friends know how to communicate, how to listen, and how to speak up. All of these are skills that are essential for any marriage to last and thrive. So, if you decide to marry your best friend, you will be marrying someone with whom you already learned how to express your needs and emotions assertively.

You both can always have fun together

Your best friend knows how to cheer you up and you both know what all things you can do together to have fun. Being best friends, you know the best for each other.

You and your best friend share values

It is not a novelty to say that for a marriage to be successful, the spouses need to share values and beliefs. And when you are married to your best friend these things do not need to be developed as they are already there.

You can communicate without words being spoken

When you marry your best friend, just an eye contact or a gesture is enough to communicate with each other. You know each other so well that words are often not required to talk to each other.

You both know how to Tolerate each other well

Already knowing about each other likes and dislikes, tantrums and usual dramas, you both know how to tolerate each other. You know how to lighten up each other’s mood. These simple things will make your married life worth living.

Your best friend knows you the best

Secrets are, unfortunately, a part of life. No matter how much people try to be honest with each other, they often succumb to the urge of not revealing their true selves. But, marrying your best friend does come with an advantage of feeling authentic with them. They know almost all your secrets.  And, it is your best friend who will know exactly how to comfort you when you need support.


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