To begin with, let’s find out what exactly is an inter caste marriage.

This kind of matrimonial union takes place when two people from different castes fall in love with each other and decide to get married. According to the Indian Human Development Survey, only 5% of marriages in India are inter-caste marriages. This shows that inter-caste marriages in India are still challenged and highly stigmatized even in the 21st century.

However, in general, love is still dominated by age-old traditions and customs associated with the caste system. It is still believed that love marriages violate values – that the parents must look for a partner for their off springs and that they know best. Do they?

Why are inter caste marriages not accepted in India?

So far many claims have been made by the modern society stating that things like caste and creed does not matter anymore. But these claims have failed on many grounds.  Inter-caste marriages are not easily accepted in Indian society because of the following reasons:

Breaking traditional rules

It is seen as an act that breaks the century old traditions and that it messes with the hierarchical system. The supporters and guardians of the system will never let this go easily as in one sense it will mean they are losing control and order.

Strict personal preferences

One may be meat eaters while the others refrain totally; one may believe in a certain style of dressing which is a big no-no in another. Adjusting to the other’s lifestyle is seen as a huge hindrance. Perhaps the families will not be involved with each other, etc.

Family honor and reputation

The strain on the family name and reputation, also diluting the pure race in case of inter-caste marriage is a concern for many.

Concept of Gotra

There is also the concept of Gotra that prevails in most parts of north India. Sharing common ancestors is termed as Gotra and many believe that if they share the same gotra somewhere the children are related by blood and hence this can be incestuous and lead to genetic deformities.

Though we do not support Inter caste marriages, it is essential to know that we now live in a modern world and there is a globalization but this alone cannot let something that was made centuries ago divide people and communities. After everything is said and done, even though we may not feel these differences as we fall in love with people from different castes while pursuing our higher studies or in our jobs, turning those relationships into a serious commitment like marriage will have bearings because at the end familiarity does bring a sense of comfort and hailing from different castes is bound to mess with that!

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