Reasons why defence people are so fit and remain fit their entire life.

Most of us have seen or come across defence men who are smartly dressed up in their uniform. They look so attractive and the uniform that they wear is their dignity. They look so fit and smart. You will hardly find any unfit or fat defence personnel. They all are fit, slim and smartly dressed all the time. even though they travel from time to time due to the different assignments and posts they a. And it’s just are assigned. It is suitable to wonder how they were able to manage their physical fitness and health so well.

Certain questions like, Do they train always? Are there any restrictions when it comes to food consumption? How often they exercise? may arise in our minds. And it’s undeniable that they are physically fit and healthy because it’s largely part of the job. Nevertheless, here are some of their most helpful answers and tips that could help you with your fitness concerns:

Diet– They are being provided with sets of foods for the day. So, there are times that they cannot choose what food to eat and what not to. But, it is ensured that the food they consume will not be a factor that can deteriorate their physical strength and fitness. Nevertheless, they make sure that the calories they are consuming are much lesser than the calories they burn. This means that there must be a control when it comes to eating. As for hydration,water is a very important factor in their fitness and health. In fact, it is much better for them to consumer lots of water than consuming lots of food.

Quality exercise– Soldiers would always go for quality over quantity. According to them, it’s useless to have hundreds of crunches if you are not doing it right. So, it’s better to have 3 repetitions of 15-20 quality crunches than pushing for 5 repetitions in one sitting. And if you are really aiming for an effective fitness routine, you should do the same too.

Prep meals to help reach their caloric goals– Although they cannot choose what foods to eat because of the readily-prepped meals, they would take it as a positive thing as well. According to them, it helps them fully control their food consumption. When they are given scheduled meals, they only get to eat what is prepared for them. So, this hinders the unwanted cravings and the munching of in-between meals.

Flexibility – When you are flexible, the chances of obtaining injuries are very low. Hence, soldiers pay attention to their flexibility too. Flexibility is also a matter of importance for army soldiers. During the flexibility training, it is important that you find comfort first even you don’t reach yet your goal. Safety is still the priority. Pushing your muscles to stretch beyond its maximum capacity for flexibility improvement would only strain you.

Endurance and Strength- Endurance and strength are very important for every soldier in the army. So, they spend a great deal of time to improve these. Now, the best way to boost strength and endurance is to do resistance training on a daily basis.

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