Importance of Discipline in Defence and what you get to learn from them.

Discipline is the method of leading the troops and carrying out successful operations. It distinguishes an army from a warband and soldiers from warriors. Discipline and drill are, however, two different things. Drill is merely a method of instilling formal discipline on troops and make them function in unison. Discipline in general means the mode […]

5 Reasons To Hold On To A Relationship Even If Its At The Verge Of Falling Apart Not every relationship facing tough times is doomed to fail. There are some good reasons to keep holding on. Your relationship isn’t always going to be perfect. Every relationship goes through ups and downs. But if things haven’t been going so well, how can you tell if your relationship is worth holding on to?See if there’s […]

Reasons You’re Still Single Even When You Are Ready To Get Married It isn’t very surprising to know that there are women who really want and wish to get married but aren’t married yet. Lets try to find out the reasons for this and also ways to overcome such situations. Appearing too desperate to get married A man can smell a woman’s desperation for marriage […]