Inter-Caste Marriages in the present Generation

“Marriages are made in heaven,” is something we have read and heard numerous times. And if this is true, I’m sure God do not match a bride and a groom ensuring they are from the same caste or community, confirming that the groom is older than the bride, or the bride is shorter than the groom in height and many such so-called ‘rules’. This might sounds funny but if you think it deeply you will realize that our society focuses too much on many unnecessary things when it comes to marriage.

The bewildered look on the faces do not go un-noticed when they get to know that a Bengali is married to a Punjabi or that a Manipuri is married to a South Indian.

How can people just think that marrying someone from the same caste or community would help them have a successful married life ? And marrying someone from other community are stigmatized.

The present society/generation no longer believes in such things anymore. After all marriage is all above love and compatibility among the partners involved. But when it comes to India, marriages happen almost always between people from the same caste, and this is the most major factor in castes continuing to exist in India. Since inter-caste marriages becoming rampant would jeopardise the very idea of caste-system by diluting the notion of caste purity.

As per the Hindu  Newspaper, Just five per cent of Indians said they had married a person from a different caste, says the first direct estimate of inter-caste marriages in India.

We now live in 21st century,a Computer Age, our lifestyles, thinking abilities and knowledge are not like those in the Primitive times. With so much exposure, the youth now have realized that Marriage does not always need to happen among the same community. Everybody is equal and that no caste is too high and no caste is too low.

Truth to be told, there are bumpy rides in all marriages and the last thing anyone would want to add to it, is this caste/community issue. Time is definitely changing and we can witness this change happening around us. You can witness many couples where the wife is from the North-East and husband from Punjab and that they are having a very healthy relationship.

Marriages should only be based on trust and a promise that you will always be there for each other.

Caste has already caused innumerable scars across hearts of those in love. Nothing can change people’s views like a happy example in their own society. Change is difficult and has always been. But, it’s our responsibility to not give up and keep working for the cause we believe in. Whom to marry should be a personal choice and not dependent on the society or community.

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