Modern Mangalsutra

One of the most sacred customs in Hindu weddings is tying the mangalsutra. A mangalsutra is basically a black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant.

Mangalsutra carries immense importance in Hindu weddings as well as in the lives of Hindu married women. It is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom during the wedding rituals. It is a symbol of marriage and is worn by the bride until her husband’s death. The word mangalsutra can be deciphered as ‘sacred thread or cord’; as ‘mangal’ means auspicious and ‘sutra’ means thread or cord. Though in appearance it looks like a jewelry item, it is definitely much more than that. The concept is thought to have originated in South India, where it is known as thali or thaaly or maangalyam. It is a yellow thread painted with turmeric paste and is tied around the bride’s neck with three knots.

It is worn as a symbol of marital dignity and chastity. It is a promise from a husband to his wife that they will always stay together. It depicts the union of the husband and the wife and protects them from evil. The mangalsutra occupies a significant position in Hindu marriages and rituals. In modern times, mangalsutra has also become a fashion statement. Women now go for exclusive designs and are ready to experiment

Women now want to wear the Mangalsutra¬†daily, so they want less design. Last year we launched a line of Mangalsutras that can be worn as a bracelet and as a ring.” says Pradhnya Mhaske, Head, Design and Merchandising, Caratline.

Search #Mangalsutra on Instagram and you will be able to see how it has evolved and transformed itself for the modern women. You will be able to see the various kinds of Mangalsutra, the options are versatile.

Non-traditional designs are designs are definitely picking up.

It’s a trend set by Bolywood actress Sonam Kapoor whose wrist mangalsutra was criticised on social media for being “disrespectful”.

However most modern women don’t see it like that, they prefer mangalsutra which is handly plus trendy and wearable on a daily basis. A single string of black beads with three solitaires in the middle would also serve the purpose. After all, a Mangalsutra is supposed to show that you are married, and wearing it should be a choice, not a chore.

So, we should let them do it willingly with their own way and style.

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