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After a wonderful wedding day followed by a much-needed vacation in the form of Honeymoon, now everything has finally come to an end.

But don’t feel blue just yet. You still have a few things to wrap up that will keep you busy.

So… now what?

Once all the planning is done, to-do lists checked off and wedding rings on, a bride can feel a little lost as to what to do next.

Here’s a handy to-do-list to help you hit the ground running in newly married.

 Preserve Your Wedding Dress

A dress is as gorgeous as yours deserves safe-keeping—to pass down to your daughter or just keep it as a treasure. Your first step regardless of what you plan to do with it next is to have it professionally cleaned by someone who specializes in wedding dresses. You must preserve it. After all, it was an investment!

If you would simply like to store your saree/lehenga at home, keep it in a cool, dry closet space inside. Not the basement or a storage room – keep it in a climate controlled area.

Sending Thank you notes

Once you’re home, take an evening to go through all the gifts, Shaguns and cards with your new spouse. Be sure to keep a running list of who gave what, so that you can send a thank you note and perhaps a snap or two of the big day, to each of them. This way not only you, but your guests would also feel good.

Printing your pictures

Now that you are home, It’s time to collect your wedding pictures from friends, relatives and chase the Photographer to get the proofs and shortlist pictures to print out.

Moreover, It will be worth it when you’re able to thumb through all your photos on your first anniversary!

Have the money talk

Probably, the topic no newlywed wants to talk about- Money

But now its time to Talk about all your debts, spending habits, budgeting, and whether you’ll keep your credit and bank accounts separate or joint. Just as you navigated the wedding budget conversation carefully with your family, you’ll need to do the same with your new spouse on an individual level – you’re a team now!

Change your surname

It’s now time to change your surname. Maybe your signature as well.

Changing surname is quite a lot of work, it’s not as simple as changing your name on social media like Facebook etc, things like your passport, driving license, Adhaar card and bank account details will need to be changed showing your new name.


The wedding chaos is over with, you can now start off your marriage by reconnecting with friends and family members you might have neglected for quite some time.

Even though the excitement of hanging out with your new partner may arise, you should not forget your single friends.

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