Signs You are ready to get married

In our Country, the girl when reaches the age of 23-24, she is considered to have reached a marriageable age. We don’t deny the fact that girls nowadays are independent, career-focused and don’t get married at such an early age. But here, we are talking about the general perception. Girls are advised by their parents to marry at an early age. Parents start looking for a perfect groom everywhere, from asking around their relatives to making their profile on a matrimonial site. The struggle is real.

But Is it only AGE that matters when it’s about getting married and to settle down in life? We do not think so, there are many other factors that determine if you really are ready for marriage.. Following are the few factors and signs-

1) You are mentally prepared-

Think about getting married only when you feel that you are mentally and physically prepared to take up all the challenges and responsibilities that are waiting. Do not just follow the trend, thinking all my friends are getting married and I am alone, I too should get married.

2) Financially Stable-

A person should get married only when she feels that she is financially stable and do not need to depend on her husband and in-laws for every small thing. Being financially stable gives you a sense of confidence.


3) When you start planning out your future with someone-

The time when you start feeling that life cannot be lived alone and that you need somebody by your side, you are ready to get married.


4) When trust is built up between you and your partner

When you have been in a relationship for so long that you can trust him and you have full faith in him. You both do not need to keep a check on each other. You never worry about what he’s doing when you’re not around. Marry him.


5) When you dream about the wedding-

When you reach that point in life when all you could think about is the wedding, your wedding decorations etc. You start dreaming about how and where you’re wedding would take place. It is a sign.


6)  Finding someone with whom you feel connected-

When you finally feel that the person you are dating/someone with whom your parents fixed your date is the one with whom you seem to have some kind of connection and that you are who you are when you are with them. Marry him

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