Signs that show you might have found “The One Partner” for Marriage

Ever felt a tingle deep inside you and butterflies in your stomach when you’re with someone? There are very few people who could give you such feelings.

There is no full proof way to know if the person you’re with is your soulmate, but there are often indicators and signs that you have met someone who you are extremely compatible with. Signs, that tells us, we might just be right this one time that this person unlike everyone you’ve ever known or dated would stay and understand you.

You feel safe when they are around

It’s that sense of familiarity that makes you feel safe and protected around them. You become more confident and bold about everything.

You communicate comfortably with them

When you are with them, you can just be yourself. You need not to pretend for anything. They let you slip into comfort, without having to try at all. You know that you can tell your partner ANYTHING without being judged or criticized.

Likewise, you can be honest and expect understanding and love.

You become a Priority for them

This right person makes you feel the single most important person in their life. You become their priceless possession. For them nothing comes over and above you. You become the meaning of their life.

They are Trustworthy and Loyal 

You can trust them that they will always be there for you, in all the ups and downs of life. Catch you when you fall. There are many negative temptations that life has to offer. but with this right person, you always know you will never be cheated.

The one you know is right will also be willing to remain by your side, even when you aren’t in a “season of harvest”.  When you finally do connect with the right person, a union is made that goes far beyond any superficial situation.

There’s a deeper Understanding

They understand you like no other person could. They could make out what you’re going through just by looking at you. They can sense when you’re upset, worried, depressed, disappointed etc. Sometimes you will feel that they know you better than you know yourself. This sounds unreal, but it does happen when you have your right person beside you.

You’re Best Friends As Well As Partners

You both can go to romantic trips and dates and on the same time just sit at home and watch together your favorite serial or a movie. You might just like friends could fight and argue on some issue, but then you always patch up again.

Sometimes you act like a couple, and sometimes you act like childish best friends, and you wouldn’t change a single thing. You always got each others back.

You Know Each Other’s Families And Friends

If you’re partner is always happy and excited to join in for dinner with your family or friends, even though he might not know them well but just to make you feel comfortable, he is the one. They know and love you, and so they want to forge relationships with the other people you love. From awkward family dinners to your best friend’s drunken birthday night out, they are always happy to be your plus one.

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What Signs have you seen that led you to finding “THE ONE”?

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