what makes your relationship stronger?

It takes more than love for your relationship to work and to keep it strong.
Love is indeed a foundation of every relationship, but it is not everything. Eventually you will find that there are other things to focus on in order to keep your relationship strong.

When two people get into a relationship, the initial days are the happy and exciting ones. Everything seems lovely and all your think and dream about is the person you love. Every love song seems magical and all things seems pretty and lovely.

You tend to forget everything but your love. But as we know nothing lasts forever, soon a time will come when both the partners will have to face the challenges that life has to offer. At such moments, understanding and acceptance are needed to save your relationship. You might say these two things come automatically with Love. But that is not true, you need to work on these elements separately.

You must practice acceptance and appreciation is your daily life. Staying together does not mean you should start taking your partner for granted. And yes!  I love you is not just to be said but to be shown.

  • Greeting them with a kiss and a smile when they walk through the door
  • Thanking them for something small they may have done (even something as small as they picked up their socks off the floor)
  • Asking them if there’s anything you can do to help them

In the same manner, any such action could also make them feel uncomfortable.

Communicate as much as possible, be each other’s best friend. Share all your secrets, speak your heart out. Be transparent to each other.

Appreciate and Compliment your partner. Encourage them in what every field they are engaged in. Remember, this world is full of people who are there to criticise you. Be a support for your partner always.

Having a strong relationship does not mean not having any issues with your partner. It basically means having the ability to overcome all the difficulties together. They just work harder at maintaining their relationship and know what it takes to keep it thriving.

Give love, even when you don’t want to- This takes years and years to master. As humans, we don’t naturally give love if we’re not receiving it. This is why couples get stuck in ruts and slowly begin to grow distant from one another. Instead of waiting on your partner to show you, love, show them love first. It’s not easy, but its worth it.

 If you’re not yet married or are without kids — it probably comes pretty naturally to keep the romance alive. Unfortunately, once you settle down and start adding more responsibilities to your lives, romance tends to get left behind. It starts requiring effort on both your parts to keep it thriving.  You don’t have to do much to keep it alive.

  • Go out for a movie
  • Schedule a lunch date at home, and prepare for your love his/her favourite dishes.
  • Look cute and come home in a good mood — these little things can make all the difference!

Be a support for each other, and put your partner as your first priority always..



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