11 ways to strengthen your TEAM spirit in a relationship!!

Team work is the key element for every successful marriage or relationship. Without it, a relationship has every chance to fail. When two people work as a team and become each others support system, there’s no way anything can break or separate them. In this blog, we are going to focus on the points on how you can encourage TEAM work in a relationship.

1. Trust yourself, trust your teammates, and stand by one another when issues or mistakes arise.

2. Show up, own your work, and do it to the best of your abilities. This builds trust.

3. Be able to offer and accept constructive criticism. Not overtly negative comments, but feedback that enriches the process and helps you improve what you’ve done in a targeted manner.

4. Share the goals of the team and work toward them. If you complete what you need to do, offer to help a colleague with a different task.

5. Know what you are responsible for accomplishing and realize what your colleagues need to do. This means everyone has clear expectations set and can work toward them independently while collaborating where tasks overlap.

6. Communicate! Never presume a colleague or customer understands what you’re planning, or the work you’ve done.

7. Recognize the skills and talents of your teammates and use them to further your project. If you have a team member who is great at sketching, mocking up your chart or visual needs to give to the graphics department, it may cut down on the time it takes for graphics to complete the final artwork, making the whole team look like superstars!

8. Don’t focus on socializing- Socializing at Christmas parties and during lunch breaks is great, but it’s not enough when it comes to building meaningful team relationships. So, instead of focusing a lot on socialising, you should take a real interest in your team members and make sure they feel heard.

Ignoring your team’s opinions will make them feel humiliated and frustrated. Schedule private meetings with each member of your team and request their feedback. It’s important to check in with how they feel about working with you, if they feel accomplished or quite the opposite. Only then will you be able to step in and do your part, so that they enjoy working with you and feel happy about their work.

9. Focus on career conversations

  • Listen to their life story and find out what motivates them
  • Find out their goals for the future and what skills they need to develop
  • Develop a career action plan that will help them reach their goals, using the information previously discussed.

Career conversations are crucial for developing strong team relationships. It helps managers learn what is important for their team members and how to motivate them to do the best job possible and have a successful career. There’s no need to explain why having successful and efficient team members is good for your company.

10. Set and respect boundaries- Of course, it’s great to take an interest in your team members’ dreams and expectations. It’s also OK and even recommended to be friendly and kind to everybody on your team. However, you need to set some boundaries. Friendships at work might not always be a good idea, especially when they involve a manager and an underling in places with a clear hierarchy. It’s not a good idea to have favourites and to treat people differently. If you want to go for a beer after work, you should invite your whole team instead of picking only those who you like the most.

11. Respect and be respected– Show everybody in your team the same amount of respect. Don’t make any differences based on their positions, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. Be polite and never criticize them in public. Respect is crucial in building strong team relationships.

We are sure there are more ways to build team relationships than we discussed in this article. Which ones have you tried? Feel free to comment. We are interested in hearing your opinion in the comments section!