12 Amazing Ideas to entertain your wedding guests

We all know that the wedding season is on and when it comes to organising your wedding, everyone has high expectations for wedding entertainment.There are several occasions where providing entertainment can enhance your guests’ experience, from keeping them entertained during the drinks reception to closing the night with a bang.

In this blog we are going to help you with the amazing ideas that will leave your wedding guests awestruck!

Encourage some friendly competition

Wedding games have been increasingly popular over the last few years, but the fun doesn’t need to stop at traditional lawn games. Incorporate word searches and quizzes into your table settings to keep the introverted types amused, or get some friendly rivalry going with some table vs table trivia. And for the extroverts? A dance-off should keep them entertained!

Encourage some DIY

Almost your entire wedding will have been planned down to the finest details, so why not hand over some creativity to your guests? Whether it be a desserts table, or a customised prosecco bar, your guests will love the opportunity to get involved and add their stamp to your special day.

Make your guests feel special

While having wedding favours on the table at the wedding breakfast is a long-held tradition, it’s just another area you can make unique. Rather than just the traditional mints, almonds or chocolates – consider something which speaks about who you are as a couple. Guests will also love something personalised to them – for example the drink you know they love or their favourite penny sweets. If you’ve also got guests staying over then consider a morning after bag in their room, full of treats to freshen them up following the party.

Serve your favourite food

Making the day unique to you as a couple means including all the things you like – and that includes the food. Many people believe that a wedding breakfast should be an elegant, fancy affair. This is great if this is the type of food that you enjoy but if not, feel free to choose something different. If your favourite food is fish and chips or a steak dinner, why not go with that? Your guests will enjoy having something a bit different if they know it reflects you.


If you and your partner love belting out tunes at the local karaoke bar, bring the excitement to your wedding reception. Kick off the session with your own newlywed performance and then open it up for your guests.

Fireworks Display

Of all the best wedding entertainment ideas, fireworks are always a crowd-pleaser. It’s hard to think of something more romantic than watching a sparkling lights display with your spouse and loved ones. The more extravagant, the better—a fireworks display will captivate guests as soon as it begins.

Play the Shoe Game

How well do you and your spouse really know each other? And who has the best memory when it comes to your relationship? Put it all to the test and put on a show for your guests with this popular and easy wedding game.

Face Painting

You might think face painting is only for your younger wedding guests but we bet a fair few adults will want in on the action too. There’ll be the classic butterfly, tiger and Spiderman looks for kids, but your older guests can rock some dainty flowers or a few leopard spots.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to keep your young guests entertained. Provide them with a list of things to tick off, like spotting a person in a red outfit or a sign that has the word ‘love’ on. You could even get some of the wedding party involved in the treasure hunt, for example, one of the clues could be to find the best man/maid of honour and they’ll be able to tell the kids a secret message or give them a clue to where a prize is hidden.

Signature Cocktail Bar

Ask your venue or bar to whip up pitchers of a special signature cocktail for each of you. Add a whole extra level of fun with a garnish section where guests can add their own extras, like glace cherries, edible flowers and glitter, fruit slices, edible cocktail toppers and popping candy. Guests can upload a photo of their creation with a chosen hashtag and you can award a prize to the best cocktail.

Guest Playlist

Ask your guests to contribute a song to your wedding playlist when they send in their RSVP. You’ll get a great mix of classic and modern pop songs, with a little something for everyone. You can add some healthy competition by instigating a dance off too! 


Smash the wedding cake (piñata) instead of cutting it traditionally. Who wants cake smeared all over their face when you can take any wedding stress out on a piñata? Though it won’t be filled with rich cake or creamy frosting, this work of art will look almost good enough to eat.