Social media is now a part and parcel of our life. Everyone from a small kid to an old person in some or the other way uses the social media. Couples too enjoy social media by posting their pictures and updating their day to day life activities. It is also the best way to connect with your friends and family. Though it has many advantages, some couples flood the social media news feed with the mushy pictures and content.

We are not against the show of love on social media nor we are saying that you should stop doing it, but there needs to be a limit for the show of affection. Most of the married couples nowadays have made it a trend to show their love for their beloved on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. However, little do they realize that their sugar-coated messages and mushy pictures would gradually start annoying their friends.

Here are the 4 most annoying things that married couples do on social media that their friends and followers detest the most.

Posting intimate pictures

It’s good that you are spending quality time with each other and getting intimate on your honeymoon or other getaways. But that doesn’t mean that you flood your social media profiles with your intimate pictures. These intimate moments need to be cherished, captured and locked in the hearts forever and not be displayed on social media platforms. Many of your followers may like it but most of them might not really be interested.

New couple display picture everyday

Many couples have this tendency of changing their display picture frequently in which they post their intimate couple pictures. Doing it once in a while is okay but when you do it too often, people start to get irritated and bored of your pictures.

Countdown For Every Anniversary

Why do couples have to put those countdown statuses for each and every anniversary that they celebrate? “2 weeks to our 6 month anniversary! And the count down begins.” The couples who post such statuses on their profiles to track some random milestone need to stop right away. Updating every milestone and forcefully reminding your social media friends and followers to remember it is super annoying. It is not at all cute to keep posting random milestone messages along with your mushy pictures all the time.

Posting all those lovey-dovey quotes on Partner’s Wall

Some couples show their love for their sweetheart on social media by posting sugar-coated statuses and pictures. You seriously need to stop doing that and show your love personally to your partner instead of doing it on the social media where your followers are there to judge you for anything you post.

There are many other irritating things that couples do like re-posting their old pictures from time to time, posting their throwback pictures and posting all the good things their partner do for them. Social media is an open platform wherein you have a freedom to post anything but at the same time it is equally important to be careful about what we post.


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