7 Common mistakes that wives make in marriages

Marriage is a significant milestone in most of the women’s lives, bringing with it new environment, responsibilities, challenges, and expectations. However, despite the best intentions, women often make some common marriage mistakes after entering the matrimonial bond with often lead to a stressful and unhappy married life.

Mistakes are for sure an inevitable part of life, and as easy as it is to look past the little things, ongoing mistakes in behaviour can threaten the foundations of your marriage, and even lead to its collapse!

In this blog, we will explore some of the common mistakes that women make after marriage and provide tips on how to avoid them to build a happy and healthy relationship with your partner.

Seeing husband as a child

A small step further down the slope from putting children first is treating your husband as another child. Nothing could be further from the truth, considering mistakes wives make in marriage. Common mistakes in marriage include pampering your spouse more than what’s needed.

Maybe this makes you feel like “supermom” but it is very disrespectful towards the man who in fact, fathered your children.


Not making an effort to look good

After several years of marriage, it can be easy to settle into a comfortable routine of just pulling on the first and easiest outfit, even staying in your pj’s all morning if you can. There can be a significant change in a woman’s looks before and after marriage.

We all know that inner beauty is what counts most, but underestimating the value of looking your best on the outside is one of the mistakes wives make in marriage. 

This is one more way of showing respect to the man you love, that you care enough to make yourself look pretty for him – and in most cases, he is sure to appreciate it. 

Unclear Expectations

One of the most common complaints among husbands is that they simply don’t know what their wives want or expect. This can lead to all sorts of problems when it comes to household responsibilities, finances, time spent together, or any other aspect of a marriage. Men can sometimes feel blindsided by complaints or problems that they simply didn’t know were occurring – because they did not know what was expected of them. To keep things clear, outline your expectations up front. If you want him home at a certain time, let him know! Don’t expect him to be able to read your mind.

Communication Barriers

Men and women have different styles of communicating and you must understand that continuing to repeat poor communication techniques only makes things worse over time. If you find that repeating yourself only makes him shut down, or that your “discussions” always turn into arguments, it may be time to reevaluate the way you are speaking to each other. All too often, men complain that their wives “nag” them – this could just mean that while she’s pressing the point, he is withdrawing (neither of which are constructive ways of communicating). You have to work together to find effective ways of speaking to one another. Since women are typically the more active communicators, it may be up to you to make the first move.

Choice of Tone

Tone of voice goes a long way, as we’ve all experienced, but sometimes we forget to keep our own in check. A sour or angry tone can build roadblocks for communication no matter the issue. If you’re addressing a problem in your relationship, try to do so constructively – maintain a calm and even tone of voice. If you’re just venting about your day, remember who you are speaking with, and don’t use your spouse for a verbal punching bag.

Giving the children first place

We all adore our children; that is clear. But there can be a problem when hubby gets pushed aside in favor of the little ones. 

It won’t be long before he gets the message that he’s just not as important anymore if you consistently choose to spend time and energy on the children, putting their needs over his and your own. 

Remember, in a few short years, the children will be grown and flown out of the nest and then you and your husband will be alone together again.

Not meeting intimacy needs

This can swing both ways, but generally, as a wife, there can be times in your marriage, especially with young children, when you feel pretty exhausted. The last thing you may feel like is making love, while for your husband, it may quite likely be the first thing.