7 Hilarious Techniques used by parents to get their children married

Although marriages are said to be made in heaven, but in India, parents set up the marriage. They come up with some ‘very serious reasons’ for their children to get married. They don’t care what the children want nor do they care too much about their career. For them getting their children married is a huge responsibility and they wish to fulfill that as soon as possible. 

We bring you here a list of these utterly hilarious reasons that parents use, to convince their children to get married.

All your friends are getting married. You should also get married beta.

When they see your friends or cousins getting married, they kind of get a panic attack and think only about getting their children married. The real search for partner begin there and then.

How will your younger siblings marry if you aren’t married yet?

Another illogical and highly lame excuse. They feel that the elder one should always get married first. 

All your aunties/my friends are asking about your marriage.

Especially mothers have this excuse. Whenever they sit with their friends their centre of discussion is always about their children’s marriage, the burden of which falls on the kids later.

You are very irresponsible get married and then you’ll know how to handle responsibilities.

Like really? Is the marriage thing going to do some magic on the children? The better option would be to whack them up instead and teach them a lesson.

We are getting old and want to be free from our ‘responsibilities’. You should get married.

It almost seems like their children are a huge burden on them. Such excuses are often used as an emotional blackmail by parents. 

Beta kabhi na kabhi toh shaadi karni hi hai, phir ab kyun nahi.?

As if there are some specified age or time for people to get married. This is just another way of persuading the children. 

People will think there is something wrong with you 

What could be wrong if the person is not willing to get married? The focus area for him/her might be further studies or career and not marriage and responsibilities associated with it. 


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