7 New Year’s Resolutions Every Married Couple Should Make

Whether you just got married or are just about to celebrate your 10-years anniversary, it’s never too early (or too late) to start working on your relationship and building toward a healthier, happier future together. But exactly what goals should you set, and more importantly, how will you actually get yourselves to stick to them?

No matter how great your relationship is, it can always be better.

New year is such a great time to really spend time on making your relationship better. If you want to know how to go about this, discuss it with your partner and agree on at least one resolution to work on together this year. Here are some ideas of New Year’s resolutions for couples that will help make this year your best love year yet!

To go for a weekly date night

This one should be New Year’s resolutions for couples every year! Truth be told- when you get too busy with work and responsibilities, you get so caught up in other things that you start to forget about maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Having a date night or fun time with your partner should be continued even after getting married. 

If you live with your partner or if you’re married you might assume that you already spend enough time together and there is no need to go out for dates. However cliché it might be, the important thing is quality time not quantity time. Aim to have a date night at least once a week. Preferably you should go out somewhere, however if that’s not possible try to make your home environment as close to a going out setting as possible. Use nice dishes, get dressed up, keep your phones away, and put the kids to sleep.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can have Video call or Skype dates: watch a movie together, eat dinner together, etc. It might help to have a set night in which you have your date night so that it is programmed into your schedule.

To be honest and talk about the actual issues during arguments

Sometimes it can be difficult or you might feel uncomfortable to talk to your partner about the real reason that you are upset with them. It might be because you are embarrassed to admit what you’re bothered by, you might feel they will get mad at what the issue is, or you just feel as though they should already know. There could be many reasons behind it. 

To remember the little things

In life it’s the little things that matter most, especially in relationships. All the little things really do add up to be the big things. So why not take some time to add some romance and love boosts into your daily life with your New Year’s resolution for couples this year.  These should be simple and easy to do, but too often we get caught up and forget to do them. Some little yet important things :- always say “I love you”, send cute little texts throughout the day, give each other compliments, leave the other person little surprise, give a tight hug to your partner…

To put down Your Phones More And Be Present for your partner

This sounds simple, but in some ways, this may be the hardest resolution to keep — though, it’s likely the most important. I’ll admit, I’m straight up addicted to my phone. I don’t even realize when I am reaching for it anymore. It’s just suddenly there in my hand. And if I am honest, it definitely distracts me from my partner. So while I’m not saying go full cold turkey on your phone, resolve this year to set aside time where you both put your phone away and just be present with one another. Every. Day.

To show More Gratitude Toward Each Other

Everyone wants to feel appreciated by their partner. So take time to show love and appreciation to your partner. Take time to thank each other for the small kind gestures and the big ones this year.

We all know that tomorrow is not promised, so it is better not to leave any room for regrets. 

Make efforts to keep the light of the love shining. 

To practice Positive Talks as much as possible

Let positivism surround you at all times. The more you talk and think of positive things, your relationship will also turn to get more positive and lively. It will also build both of you up and encourage you to focus on the good in each other—as opposed to dwelling on the not so good.

Even when you are upset about something , try to turn that into a positive thing. 

To go to bed at the same time

It may not be easy for both of you to go to bed at the same time every night, but you can at least try. This will help you have an intimate time together, which adds up a lot to make your relationship much healthier and long lasting. 

Whisper, cuddle, share your dreams, bond, and be intimate, as it’s critical for married couples to connect in these ways. Trust us, everything else can wait.

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