A simple key for a healthy relationship

Don’t Try to Change the Other Person

A good relationship is one where both the concerned partners do not have to pretend and be who they actually are. There’s no such thing as a perfect person. They are special and unique, with all their blemishes.. Trying to make someone meet your expectations will only lead to frustration, for wife and husband both. Moreover, nobody likes to change, before trying to change someone thinks about why you fell for that person.

Change does not lead to happiness always

Change is sometimes good but It’s difficult to change a person. Assume you did change the other, then after you change them, they won’t be the same, they are now someone who is acting as per your will, they no longer are your partner but a slave. That’s it. Because they will become what they’re not and they won’t be happy(though they might not tell you).

Change the situation around, not the person

When you are in trouble or in some problem, Instead of blaming the other person for the issues you are facing, try finding what triggered or caused that argument or fight. Changing the other person’s behaviour won’t ease your pain anyway.

 Learn to appreciate and count your blessings

A way to enrich the relationship and bring about some change is by appreciating them for what they are. Look at the positive side of them. Think about how blessed you are for having them, appreciate each other’s small efforts. Learn and try to create your own happy space. Do what you want your partner to do for you. Remember, every day of your life is a gift, make the most of it.

 Respect your partner for who he/she is

Never try to mould a person as per your liking or preference. Respect them for who they actually are. Never forget that you too wanted to be respected and loved for who you are. Think of how you can adjust and how the matter could be solved by discussion or some mutual agreement. Do not impose your thoughts and beliefs on others. They might start to behave in a way you might not like.
Try to be positive and let only Good vibes surround you.

Never assume that your partner knows all your needs and wants. On no account expect your spouse to be your mirror image. Marriage is a union between two distinct individuals.

At the end of this analysis, if you have been able to differentiate between expectations that make you happy and expectations that hurt you, you have taken the first big step in the right direction.

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