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Advantages and Disadvantages of Inter-Caste marriages - Defence Wards Matrimony

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inter-Caste marriages

What is an Inter-Caste Marriage?

The Ancient Indian Society has four primary caste divisions – the Brahmins known as the educated, the Kshatriyas who were the warriors, the Vaishyas are the business people, and the Shudras or The Untouchables. For thousands of years, this was strictly observed.The caste you belong to when you were born will remain the same for the rest of your life.

Now in this modern era, Indians are now more westernized. Many of the higher castes get married with the boy or girl they fell in love with regardless of the caste they belong to. Many have now accepted the fact that one gets married because of true love and respect for one another regardless of the caste they belong to.

With higher education and modern outlook, many have become aware of the disadvantages of following the caste system. Inter-caste marriage is no longer a taboo, and people have embraced it and found out that there are a number of advantages over the traditional, inner-caste marriages.

But at the same time there is no denying the fact that there are many difficulties and problems associated with such type of marriages. In this blog we are going to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the inter-caste marriages.


Beneficial for children

Inter-caste marriages are advantageous to kids.The differences in genetics from kids who were born from an inter-caste marriage are smarter than that of kids from a same-caste marriage.

Modern Outlook

Inter-caste couples are more liberal and adaptable.They can easily transit over from the traditional way of thinking and accept the fact that what matters is that they are in love.

You get to learn new things

It is true that marrying someone of a different caste means getting to learn new things. You will learn how a certain culture is, their way of living and also their cuisine. You will also get to celebrate different festivals which means more fun and celebrations at home. These will surely make life worth living.

Compatible partners

Though there are very few of the inter-caste marriages which are arranged, but still the figures of love cum inter-caste marriages are comparatively more. Therefore, in these types of marriages, a couple have a better compatibility and understanding which help a lot in the long run.


Difficulty in adjustment

Though it is said that the inter- caste marriage will help the couple in learning each other’s culture and tradition and that it will help them in broadening the horizons but in fact it is not that easy to adjust in the new environment and tradition. It needs a lot of commitment and time.

Societal issues

You will get to hear many discouraging questions and things from the society. Though you will get used to it with time but initially it may be very disturbing and suffocating.

Disapproval from both the families

Getting married to someone from the different caste will surely create family problems as parents in most cases will be against the marriage and the relationship between you and your partner won’t be the same after getting married to someone without their approval.