Best date night ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here again. It’s that time of year for couples everywhere to celebrate their love. If you’re seeking a truly romantic and unique idea for Valentine’s day, look no further than our 7 Amazing Ideas for the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date.

You can never go wrong with a Coffee!!

Let’s rewind to those days when things started on a coffee date. Go back to the same café or place you first met each other. Supposedly, if the place is shut down or not safe to go then you must check out what more valentine’s day based cafés that are holding up for you.  

Classic dine out

Some things never grow old with time! Going out to fancy restaurants and dining for your favourite meal is still a thing! Don’t worry about it being another candlelight dinner. You can easily find valentines day restaurants Bangalore situated special places, or more beautiful places in other towns and cities.

Old school much?

Remember that rusty smell of old books and expressing your love in a pin-drop silence in the library, by leaving notes and flowers in books! This Valentine, take your date to the nearest library or buy them their favourite novels which you both can read together!

Long walks

Walking to unknown destinations at night with your valentine is very romantic and amusing. You will end up covering up thousands of miles without even realizing or feeling tired. You can always add up some delicious takeaways on your way and for sure valentine’s day restaurants Bangalore will make your journey better!

Prepare a Romantic Dinner Together

Another way to show how romantic you are to your partner is by preparing dinner together.  You and your partner can make different dishes and desserts together; having interactive activities will bring you closer, especially if you two just started dating. But if you don’t have time to prepare dinner, you can always order food. Make it extra special by ordering from different favorite restaurants that you both love. Set the food you ordered on plates to make it look more presentable. 

Get Rid of Your Phone

However you and your partner decide to celebrate your Valentine’s Day, ensure you do so -at least for a portion of the night- in the most romantic way possible this time, sans mobile phones.

While you may have no intention of even touching the phone lying seemingly dormant next to your wine glass, the desire to do so remains. Cull the impulse to “just check” notifications by turning your device on airplane mode or completely switching your mobile off; work Slack messages and Facebook notifications can wait, having each other’s undivided attention on the most romantic night of the year can’t.

Keep it Traditional

Not everyone wants to have a unique and new experience and that’s fine too. If your significant other is the more traditional type and would melt over the gesture of you sending her or him a ton of roses and chocolates maybe with a giant teddy bear too, then do it. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If you already know what your significant other really loves, then it makes sense to go that route for your Valentine’s Day plans this year.

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