Best Marriage Proposal Ideas- DWM

A marriage proposal  is an event or moment that will (hopefully) only happen once in your lifetime, so it is obvious that you will want it to be memorable and perfect.

After gathering that much courage to ask, you’ll want a romantic way to pop it out.

A truly great marriage proposal can be very hard to think of. You want to be original, but you don’t want to overdo it. You want your partner to say yes (and cry a lot).

You also want to make sure your proposal is very unique to your relationship. All that being said, we put together a lengthy list of best marriage proposal ideas that are actually unique, from artsy to outdoorsy ideas, and elaborate to simple ones too. Consider some creative marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make a big impression.

This list is useful for any type of relationship. It’s not just the man who proposes to the woman anymore. Women are now taking the initiative too.

Create a milestone movie

After having finally decided that you want to marry her, it surely means that you both have sent enough time together. So create a milestone movie collecting all the pictures and videos you have. Since the time you’ve met each other till yesterday. Put the most romantic song as a background music. People good with editing could be consulted while doing this. This surely will melt her and will force her to say YES!

Make a book or photo album to propose to with

This is a little time consuming and needs a lot of efforts but then it is one of the best way to propose your partner. Remember, Hard work always pay off. Make a beautiful album of you and your partner, about the journey you’ve shared together till now and let the album end with, Will you Marry Me? Sweet isn’t it?

Ask her favourite author to help with the marriage proposal

if your partner is a bookworm and is a hard core reader, then it is always the best option to consult and mail her favourite author, he/she will guide you well. She will never forget this. Isn’t that special and unique?

Flash mob marriage proposal ideas

This is one of the best idea you ever think of, proposing her when she least expect it. She will not only be shocked but overwhelmed. proposing her in a crowded area.

Marriage proposal ideas with friends and family

You can propose her in the presence of your friends and family. Organise a small party without her knowing that you are going to propose her. This will not only be special but she will feel more wanted.

Holiday Cheer

The holidays are the perfect time to propose. Hang the ring box like an ornament on the tree. When the last present has been opened, say:

“Wait, there’s still one more present.” Ask your intended to find it or simply retrieve it and propose.

Give your sweetheart a sensual massage and save the left hand for last. As you massage that hand, slip the ring on and be ready to pop the question.

Surprise Message

Spell out the marriage proposal in some place your sweetheart isn’t expecting to see it, perhaps using alphabet refrigerator magnets, writing it in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, using glow-in-the-dark stars to write it on the bedroom ceiling, or getting up early and slipping a fake newspaper page into the real newspaper.

Trail of Flowers

Create a path to the engagement ring. For example, scatter petals from the front door to the bedroom and use more petals to spell out “Will you marry me?” Alternatively, you could use candles to trace a path, but be careful Don’t burn the house down!

Sweet Notes for Your Sweetheart

Place sweet notes in different spots around the house. In each spot, write something that you love about your sweetheart and where to find the next note. In the last note say:

“For all these reasons and more, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

A Diamond in the Chocolate Rough

Buy a box of chocolates and replace one chocolate with the ring. When your sweetheart opens it up, get down on one knee to finish the job.

Silver Screen Moment

Most movie theaters have repeating advertising slides before the previews that can be purchased. Pay for a slide and be sure to get to the theater early enough.

Say It in Song

Get a street busker to sing “Will you marry me?” as you walk by. Ask, “Do you hear what he’s singing?” Then drop to one knee and pop the question.

Welcome Home

If your intended flies often, get friends and family to join you at the airport where they’ll each hold up signs spelling out “Will you marry me?” as your sweetheart appears. Make sure you’re the one holding the “me” sign!

Trust Walk

Plan a surprise trip using blindfolds and circuitous routes. When you get to your destination (hopefully, a beautiful, secluded spot), pop the question. If you’re planning to stay overnight, don’t forget to pack a bag for your sweetheart!


Restaurants are often very popular places to propose. Call beforehand and get their advice on the best way to propose in their restaurant. Perhaps the proposal is written out on a plate or the waiter delivers the ring along with your entrees.

Written in the Sand

At the beach, tell your sweetheart that you are going to draw a picture, but not to look yet because you want it to get it right. Write the marriage proposal in the sand, then reveal what you’ve created.


Pack a romantic picnic and put the ring in with the dessert. After a leisurely meal, ask your honey to get out the dessert.

Written in the Air

Skywriting is such a cool, unique way to propose. You can both have an intimate and private marriage proposal, while still proclaiming your love to the world. Another alternative: get a plane to fly a banner with “Will you marry me, ___?” over your town.

Written in the Snow

For a wintery marriage proposal when there’s snow on the ground, pack the snow into letters or take a squeeze bottle filled with red coloured water and spell out “Will you marry me?” in the snow.

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