The Courage to Love Well…

Yes! It takes courage.. the courage to stay true to your partner and to love them well.

You might have come across many people having failed relationships in their life. They might be your friend, Cousin, relatives etc. It is painful and really hard to bear.

The reasons for a failed marriage or a relationship may be many, and one of the very common reason is –

Not having the Courage to love well.

To Lead well, first Love well. We are all human being, we all have our own flaws and strengths. Not a single person in this world is perfect.

When two people fall in love, they start developing some sort of connection between them, they start depending on each other for all their needs. They become a mini world for each other.

If the love between them is true, nothing can separate them, they will always find a way back to get together, even after getting into so many fights and arguments.

Ever talked to an elderly person who is married for more than 30 years or so. They will tell you the true meaning of the courage to love well. Their struggles and what all they did to keep the relationship going. Everybody will have their own unique story which is always encouraging.

No relationship in this world is easy, not only a couple relationship is difficult but also a relationship between children and parents, between siblings etc. Every relationship has its own problems and the only way to deal with all these is to Love each other well.

There is a lot of difference between simply loving someone and Loving them well.

Why are so many divorce cases in this world? It’s not that two people are forced to get married, They get married because they are in love. Then why do their marriages fail? Is it because they do not love each other? Or is it because they are bored with each other. The Answer is none of the above. They want to get separated as they both are not receiving the kind of love they both desire. And they both hesitate to express what they want from their partners.

Lucky are those who have partners, who could actually make out what they want and when they want it even without telling them. But believe me, not everyone is that fortunate and lucky enough.

Never ever hesitate to speak to your partner regarding your needs and requirements. Do not expect them to know everything. As already mentioned, we are human and nobody is perfect. Give them a room to commit mistakes at times. Do not always impose yourself on them. Tell them if you do not like things happening the way they are.

These actions, of course, need courage- the courage to love and to get a love back. Stop assuming things and start living in reality. Carry your own sunshine and have that courage to love your partner the way you want to be loved.

This very simple mantra will help you maintain a peaceful and loving relationship. Each day will turn into a blessing.

It is truly said-

Being deeply loved by someone gives you Strength while loving someone deeply gives you Courage

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