Challenges of an Army Wife

Marriage as an institution is the union of two souls, however apart in personalities to come together and share a life together, in sickness and in health, through hardships and troubles, sharing all the joy and sadness it entails.

For a defence wife, the journey can at times can seem like that of a sole warrior raging through turbulences with only the hope of being united with her man again someday(in thought, if not in person) who is fighting for the safety and security of various other families living a life of peace and prosperity, at the end of the day.

Life as a defence personnel’s better half opens up new doors and venues for self-impression.

The success of a gentleman officer is directly proportionate to the efforts and support of his partner.

During the long periods apart, the responsibility towards self immediate family and the army family becomes the absolute prerogative of a defence wife.

Slipping into the shoes of an understanding wife, compassionate and sound mother as well as the family of other defence wives is a role meant to be taken up the minute he calls her his own.

She is eager to create a life of living out of boxes and seeing new places every couple of years. Alongside being the strength and guiding force in times spent apart.

Distance can do a lot of things to marriage but a defence wife is meant to stand tall against all odds during times of uncertainty and make it seem effortless. The level of maturity and emotional intelligence required to be a defence wife is passed on from experience by self as well as the family of other defence wards in the system since time immemorial.

“Behind every strong soldier stands an even stronger woman, who supports him and   loves him with every beat of her heart.”

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