Common issues most Indian married couples deal with and how to resolve them

Marital problems stem from poor communication, lack of intimacy, money problems, and growing apart as life takes different twists and turns. If you realize that your marriage is hitting a rough patch, but both you and your spouse are willing to make some necessary changes, you can resolve almost any source of tension.  

The most important thing to know is that marital strife is common. Some problems seem to be more common than others. Continue reading to learn about the types of problems many married couples face. We’ll also review ways you can work to create a deeper bond with your partner.  If you and your spouse are facing marriage issues, you’re not alone. 


Unequal division of household chore

This is something that most working couples have to face after marriage. A lot of times, only the wife is expected to take care of the household chores. The best way to tackle this situation if by addressing it directly. Talking to the partner who is shying away from his or her responsibilities might be helpful. If required chart out a schedule assigning individual duties. It might be a little difficult to follow the schedule initially but once the couples start doing it, things will fall into place.


Remember, marriage, like any other relationships, is for a lifetime and it’s normal for couples to feel boredom settling in after a few years of being married. In fact, a lot of married people seek professional help during this phase because they believe that something might be wrong in the relationship. The best way to overcome this hurdle is by accepting it and understanding the fact that marriage needs efforts to make it work. This is the reason why it’s important to do things that excite both the partners. If travelling is what makes them happy, they should take some time out of their busy schedule to explore new places or if both like being indoors, how about redecorating their place? A sense of newness is what makes any relationship an exciting affair. Also, taking up responsibilities together like taking loan for a house or buying a car can give them a new sense of duties and help them stay together.

Picking up old issues while fighting

Whether couples agree to it or not, many have the habit of referring to old issues during new fights. If open communication fails to resolve it, ignorance can be the best medicine. If a spouse keeps picking up old issues, the best reply is to not give him or her any reply. When the partner will not receive any reaction over a time, he or she would stop repeating the same.

Trouble with in-laws

In an Indian family, this is one of the most common issue that married couples face. Especially, the seas-bahu issues.  There are many reasons, such as adjustment problems, unjust expectations, cultural difference and others, responsible for the negative attitude they have for each other. The best way to overcome this is by being patient. For a daughter-in-law, it’s important to understand that it’s not only she who needs to adjust but the members of her new family too are doing the same. And the same goes for the mother-in-law as well. Also, getting the husband involved in their fights is a wrong thing to do. Instead, he should be consulted but not forced to take sides. Take time to understand the expectations in-laws have and respectfully inform them of the discomforts or misunderstanding arising from the same if any.


Stress is common in today’s life. Stress from relationships, professional responsibilities, parenting, and financial worries can all interfere with how you connect with your partner. It can drastically change your relationship, and can ultimately turn worse. Learning to manage stress in healthy and productive ways can help you learn to navigate the stressful times you’ll inevitably face during your marriage.

Stress management is something you can apply to all areas of your life, not just your marriage. Finding ways to decompress and not let stress get the best of you will greatly improve your marriage. Journaling, working out, doing yoga, being creative, reading, and getting outdoors for a walk all can be effective ways to manage stress. Finding things you can do with your partner is an added bonus!

Social media

We live in interesting times, where reconnecting with people from our past is as simple as logging onto a social media platform and typing in a name. If your social media usage interferes with your relationship, it might be time to stop and reassess what’s important to you.

Not only can social media potentially encourage unhealthy relationships, but it can also be a distraction that prevents you from spending quality time together.

If it’s becoming a problem in your relationship, set guidelines for when you check your social media accounts. For example, maybe you and your spouse agree that you won’t be on social media as you wind down together and get ready to turn in for the night.

Differing values

Major disagreements about religion, politics, child-rearing and the basic definition of right and wrong can cause serious disruptions to a marital union. We all grew up differently with unique morals, values, beliefs, and goals, but if markedly different views are coming between you and your spouse, it’ll require effective communication and understanding to work through things and maintain the marriage.

Large rifts in values may be difficult to overcome, but it’s worth an honest conversation before any drastic decisions are made. Learning more about where values came from can be a step in the right direction. Therapy can be valuable in navigating difficult conversations and trying to find common ground when it comes to values. A neutral party can ensure discussions are productive and respectful

Financial Issues

There’s a saying that money doesn’t solve money problems. Even for couples who have enough of it, money arguments seem to be inevitable from time to time in any relationship. Your partner may want to spend money when you want to save it. You may have different ideas about how to invest. Like most things in a marriage, communication is the key to victory here. Make it a point to routinely sit down and discuss finances, future goals, and other relevant factors that determine how you spend your money as a married couple.

Try a monthly finance date with your partner. Sit down and review the month’s spending and discuss how the money will be spent in the future ad the best ways to save your money. Finances are something that needs to be tended to regularly. Make this habit one that you share with your spouse so you both feel like financial decisions are made together.