How to fix an emotionally suffocating relationship?

A sound mind exists in a sound body. Both mental and physical health plays a very important role in human life. It is sad to know that some people get emotionally hurt after marriage. With so many things happening around and in a totally new environment you find out that your partner is not the same anymore who used to care and loved you at all times, you just feel shattered and lost.

With the new responsibilities that have come up and other things to care, especially when you are working, you get relatively very less time to spend with your partner. Weekends are spent either in family functions or to take rest. You both feel kind of exhausted and there is no room for romance. Slowly and gradually you start feeling exhausted, not just with the relationship but also with your monotonous life. You start to feel both physically and emotionally suffocated.

Sharing with you some ways to deal with such emotions

Express Yourself

Give first priority to your relationship and partner. If you feel that things are not working out or you feel that there is something that is stopping you both to have a healthy relationship. Do not hesitate to talk it out with your partner. Take out some time to express what you actually feel and find ways to fix the problems.

Avoid making decisions on your own

Discussing your plans and ideas with your partner is always a good idea. Two minds work better anyway. Even if it is a small decision, take an opinion of your partner, it will make him feel good as well. Decision making should always be shared. Imagine yourself knowing that your partner has made some decision which you were not aware of, it will not only upset you but will make you feel neglected.

Give some space to your partner

Even though you are married and are supposed to share every little thing with your partner, it is always a good idea to give some space to your partner and to let them do things on their own. Do not try to put your nose on everything, it will only lead to bigger problems in future.

Put the relationship in a pause for a while

If things are not working out the way you expected it and you feel that everything is going out of control, take a deep breathe and do not make decisions when you are stressed or angry. It is better to find a way out than to break the relationship. Discussing with your partner you can put a hold on your relationship for some time by staying separated for a while and to give your relationship some time to heal. You can look out for more ways to give it a pause for a while.

Take help from friends

If you have some good friends with whom you can share your problems, they can help you out with the struggles you are going through. They might plan something for you both which could help you come closer again. But avoid discussing your problems with just any friends, talk it out to only your close and dear friends.

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