Importance of Bridesmaid in Indian Wedding

We all know who bridesmaid are, right? After all, we often see them in weddings, staying beside the bride busy doing something or the other.
Bridesmaid are under-rated, what we mean by this is that bridesmaid play such an important role in the wedding but they are never given enough credit or for that matter their role is never mentioned nor brought to light by anyone. They are in fact the confidante of the bride, giving her all the moral support and strength throughout the marriage ceremony.
Today in this blog we would like to highlight the major roles played by the bridesmaid-

Sangeet ceremony incharge

They are the one making a list of all the bride A’s favourite songs to be played on her special day.


They assist the bride in shopping to make sure that she looks the best and also she makes sure that all her garments fits her perfectly and she looks out of the world.

The bride’s greatest support

She gives the bride a moral support and confidence by staying beside her all through the ceremony.

Play Hostess

Food is an important facet of Indian culture, so she’ll probably be expected to help act as hostess throughout any wedding events. She makes every effort to ensure the bride and her family are well taken care of, hydrated and have something to snack on (it could be as simple as a handful of nuts, protein bar, yogurt or fruit).

Controls the Bride’s Social Media Use

These days most of the brides are super active on social, but on her wedding day, it is the bridesmaid duty to help her stay present and in the moment. It is the bridesmaid responsibility to reply, post and taking over her social media channels not only on her wedding day, but for the shower and any pre-parties as well.

There are several other duties performed by the bridesmaid. If there is anything you would like to add, please mention in the comment section.

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