Love versus Arranged?

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We have been getting a lot of questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Love and Arranged Marriage, So we thought of writing a blog on this.

It is very difficult to actually figure out which type of marriage is the best type of marriage. When it comes to Marriage you cannot go by just one or two people opinion to know the best type of it. Everyone has their own different experience about marriage but one thing that we can be sure of is-

Building a successful marriage is all about trust, honesty and compatibility. We will now find below the advantages and disadvantages of Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

Advantages of Love Marriage:-

Love is the base of any marriage. In love marriages, there will be no hiding and unwanted surprises unfolding.
In Love marriages, the couple knew each other very well and the compatibility level is very high. Hence, there won’t be many conflicts.
People, who go for love marriage get to experience and learn many new things from other religion, culture etc as compared to arranged marriages. As Arranged Marriages mostly happen in between same caste/class/religion people.
Having a love marriage you don’t have to deal with the new environment, family members etc as you’ve already known and met most of them.
The highest level of understanding prevails in Love Marriages only

Disadvantages of Love Marriage:-

Though we all enjoy Romantic movies and Bollywood offers you with endless superhit Romantic movies, Love marriages are still socially unacceptable in some parts of India.
What youngsters often consider as love is actually infatuation and hence after marriage, it creates a lot of problems.
No doubt love is important but One should also check the reality like the family background, economic conditions, the environment they grew up in etc. so as to have a happy and successful married life ahead.

Advantages of Arranged Marriage:-

In Arranged marriages, parents do inquire about each other’s family and their circle. So, there is a high probability that one will get into a relationship with a similar kind of family as theirs and also there is very less chance of cheating.
With your family and parents support there is a higher chance of stable economic conditions.
Not just two people but two families are coming together.
According to research conducted by Dr Robert Epstein,

Love in Love marriages tends to fade away with time, whereas love in arranged marriages grows with time.

Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage:-

Arranged marriage is like a lottery ticket. Love may or may not blossom between the couple. You are taking a chance.

Since the couple does not know each other well, the level of understanding between them is very low, and hence higher chances of fights and quarrels. Any kind of differences may lead to divorce as they do not trust each other.
In the name of arranged marriages, forced marriages are still prevalent in many parts of India.
Too much submissiveness to elders may restrict couple from divorcing, even if they do not have love in between them anymore.
People who go for arranged marriage may not be that comfortable to discuss everything in detail before marriage. This may cause problems after marriage.
Though the divorce rate is less in arranged marriages compared to love marriages, it cannot be said that they are happily married.


Whether it is love or arranged marriage, a relationship will work only if both the partners are truly in love and honest in the relationship. Life partner must be selected as per one’s liking and will and not by force. It feels good to know that Arranged Marriages nowadays are not like those of the olden times when complete strangers were forced to marry each other. These days they are given ample time to get to know each other before getting married.

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