Importance of appreciating your better

Many of us think that praising and appreciating your partner is important till the time you are dating or are newly married. On the flip side, it’s better to give than receive: praising your spouse strengthens and intensifies your feelings of love for him or her. Putting your focus on their positive attributes, then vocalizing them, helps you to keep your attention where it

Why is giving space to your partner a Good Thing?

Having time by yourself is a totally normal part of a healthy relationship. Taking out time for yourselves does not mean being selfish and ignoring your partner. It has nothing to do with how your relationship is going. Having some time apart is important to both you and your partner — and can also benefit

The uniqueness of Fauji Upbringing –

Service children grow up with many limitations and learn to manage in all sorts of circumstances, with whatever little they have. They grow up moving from place to place, school to school, home to home…leaving old friends…making new ones…sometimes living in small towns, sometimes in big cities and other times in the back of the

Marriage Perspectives by different religions in India

Indian religions and cultures are diverse and have always influenced the way people live in this part of the world. Religion has been a very dominant influence in marriage, choice of marital partner and cohabitation. This blog looks at various religions in India and their influence on the institution of marriage. Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and