Lavish Wedding or Simple Wedding? Which one would you choose?

Why go for a simple wedding?

Planning a wedding can be expensive and time-consuming. From the flowers to the dress, food to the drinks, linens to the drapery – the budget adds up and expands quickly! It’s also easy to get caught up on your big day, losing the time to spend and celebrate with your favourite people. Most people these days prefer to have a simple wedding because they are aware of the other expenses that will come after the wedding. Also, they prefer to have a luxurious honeymoon instead. Few reasons why you should go for a budget wedding

The Intimacy

With a small guest list, you will enjoy more intimate moments and less distraction with your friends and family. It can be overwhelming to share face-time with a guest list of 400. A small wedding allows you to have memorable conversations and moments on your big day.

The Budget

Without rental fees, you are able to spend your budget on other details like your dress or decorations. Having a smaller budget also gives newlyweds the ability to save for other purchases like a down payment on a house or honeymoon.

The Details

From beautiful flowers to table linens, enjoy putting a personal touch on each and every table without maxing out your budget. Small weddings give you the ability to perfect each and every detail without overwhelming yourself with the stress of a large venue and guest list.

The Menu

Enjoy quality and spend less on quantity. Leave your guests remembering a crafted menu to complement your taste pallet. Enjoying a small dinner allows you to design a delicious and memorable menu, removing the standard wedding cuisine that can be less than desirable.

Why a lavish wedding (esp. in India)?

First of all, marriage in any culture is a social ritual. Marriage is an occasion and an opportunity for relatives and friends to gather and meet. It is obvious that when a large number of people come together to celebrate such occasions you offer food/drink etc –

Marriages give Indians a chance to celebrate their life, gives them a break from their monotonous life and adds colours to their otherwise dull life.

All our savings are aimed for the single day – son’s or daughter’s marriage. This looks justifiable in the sense that a man who has lived very frugally has now got a chance to spend his savings on food, clothing, lights, music, dhol, shehnai and Mehandi. And note that this money is not entirely all for himself – everyone in his family and distant relatives also gets a chance to share their happiness.

Hence, if you are from a well to do family and have enough budget to have a big fat wedding then there is no harm in it. After all, wedding is an occasion that comes only once in a lifetime.

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