What is required for a Successful Marriage- Similarity or Complementarity

Finding true love is not in everyone’s destiny. True love is precious, hence it is rare. People who found it or have it are the luckiest person in the world.

It is usually considered that having a common interest with your partner will help you build a better relationship. A common interest could be anything- being fond of the same kind of food or movies. Interests in same subjects etc.

And it is important that these interests be cultivated over time so that they balance out with personal interests that they may be involved in on their own.  Most times, the effort put in will result in a healthy relationship that can culminate into a lifetime commitment.  Even so, there are some advantages that dating couples with similar interests get to enjoy and they include:

  • Stronger bonds – Shared interests make bonding much easier and stronger because of an existing foundation. It is common to find that as a couple your involvement in fun activities together results in the ability to understand each other better in the long run.
  • Shared Values – Values are crucial to the survival of a relationship and work best when paired with matching interests. Dating couples that can manage a balance between the two often have an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship. Most times, a couple that has similar interests are likely to share values as well.
  • Cultivation of new interests – Although having common interests may be the reason for a relationship, it may also lead to the adoption of other interests. Discovering new things that you enjoy doing together is a sign of growth in any relationships.  These interest may include activities that you may have never had the courage to try out were it not for your partner. And you will have an opportunity to learn different ways to do the same work.
  • Life support – Dating couples that share interests often support each other in other areas of life.  It may look like the main reason for getting together was a common interest but over time you are bound to seek support from each other through life’s ups and downs thus strengthening the relationship. Everyone appreciates the support from someone special in their life as it makes life much easier to navigate.

Differences of opinion and interests can enrich a relationship.

“Opposites attract” has been an age-old saying that people still believe in today.
No matter how cliché this may sound, it is true that it works. People with opposite interests also last in relationships more often than not. Furthermore, these relationships seem to be the ones that are the most fun and have the best dynamic.

People bring different perspectives, talents and strengths to a relationship. You might appreciate some of the things your partner has to offer – great cooking, their sense of humour, getting on well with your family and friends – but you might not like their taste in music, the time they spend on technology or the fact they get stressed easily. Some conflict in relationships is inevitable, but there are ways to handle it so it is not destructive to you individually or as a couple. Reasons why differences in a relationship work out best-

You are constantly introduced to new things

Having a partner who has different interests means that both of you get the chance to introduce each other to new things. This is also a way of sharing a part of yourselves with each other. Maybe you learned how to play video games for your partner while your partner learned to love dessert because you do. Whatever it is, big or small, it will definitely bring the two of you closer.

You never run out of activities to do

Being with someone who has opposite interests means you can take turns in deciding what kind of date you want to have. Dates will always be colourful and will vary in nature –  from a lazy day of watching movies to a spontaneous night out with friends.
If you have some differences in your preference for food, even letting your partner taste something he or she has never tasted before can be an adventure.

You complement each other

Sometimes you find it so amazing how you and your partner’s likes and dislikes go so well with each other. Maybe you never use a dip for anything while your partner always uses the dip for everything or you love singing while your partner would rather play an instrument for you than sing. Discovering these complementary things make for cute moments with your partner and even funny ones at times.

You learn the importance of compromise

Having opposite interests mean that you and your partner won’t agree with things all the time. That’s when compromise comes in. Compromising doesn’t mean just going with whatever your partner wants; compromise means that you will learn to meet halfway and make some adjustments for one another.

You continually challenge each other

Different interests can spark playful competitiveness in a relationship. This leads to challenging each other’s capabilities and finding each other’s strengths. Challenging each other can also mean having disagreements because of certain differences but using these differences to help the relationship grow and challenge each other to be a better person.

You get to see things, and even people, from a different perspective

Someone who has different interests is also most likely someone whose views are different from yours in one aspect or another. This is an opportunity for you to see and understand things in a new light. You partner is someone you can learn from and someone who can help you realize things you didn’t before.

Relationships can become stronger if partners can talk about differences and stress as a normal part of their relationship. Conflict can often be resolved and serious matters dealt with through respectful communication and a bit of give and take.


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