5 Common Marriage problems with their solutions

It is a wonderful feeling to be in a relationship as it comes with many benefits like joy, fulfilment and satisfaction of being with someone you can trust and rely on. But like every other thing, relationship too comes with a lot of challenges. These challenges are faced by almost every one. Let’s talk and discuss about these challenges and ways to over come them.

Daily Stress 

Daily stressors don’t need to equal marriage problems, but they can exacerbate problems that already exist. When one partner has had a stressful day, they may be more likely to be impatient when they get home, may handle conflict less expertly, and may have less emotional energy to devote to nurturing their relationship. It is important to understand each other and give some space and time to one another.

Poor Communication 

Perhaps the biggest predictor of marriage problems is poor communication or negative communication that belies damaging attitudes and dynamics within the relationship. Healthy communication is key; unhealthy communication can lead to major marriage problems.

Financial Issues

The stress of fighting over money constitutes one of the most often cited marriage problems that couples face. The couple should understand that though money is really very important in life but it is not everything, as long as the couple trust and love each other, there always will be a solution to such financial issues.

Children and Parenting Differences

Let’s face it—children can be stressful! The crying babies, temper tantrums, and rebellious teenagers are not a lot of fun sometimes, regardless of how much you love your kids! And that can cause a lot of stress to a couple. Even differing parenting styles like how to punish a child can cause a rift in a married couple. The solution to this is for parents to talk and discuss their ideas with each other and follow one way of monitoring or parenting their children.

Trying to Change Each Other

No one is perfect. There will always be something about everyone in the world that will annoy you. But when people don’t understand this, then they try to change each other.

You cannot change people. So, you should just learn to accept each other the way you are. Otherwise, you will be making each other miserable with all of the naggings that go into trying to change a person—and besides, it’s just not possible.


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