The new normal Honeymoons

The has been a tremendous change seen in the pre and post pandemic honeymoons.

Unlike the usual times, there has been a severe decline in international honeymoon bookings since pandemic. Most of the newly married couples now prefer to go spend their honeymoon somewhere within India or nearby places.

In the new normal, honeymoons have been reinvented with the objective of making lasting memories while minimising physical exposure. To meet the demand for travel, couples are either exploring luxurious stays and packages at premium hotels within India with adequate hygiene protocols, while cottages and wildlife getaways are popular with those who seek adventure. 

Due to the sudden shift, travel to domestic destinations such as Goa for a spa getaway, Kerala for an Ayurvedic retreat, Rishikesh for white water rafting and hill stations have witnessed a surge in demand for couples.

Given the ongoing pandemic, many newly wedded couples have decided not to have a rushed honeymoon and instead, wait it out until things go back to normal. 

For many couples, luxury resorts promise security as health and safety protocols are strictly followed. However, to make their honeymoon memorable, couples prefer to rent Airbnb properties or smaller villas as they are more affordable and offer an immersive experience.

If you’ve been looking to make the honeymoon process as smooth as possible during these testing times, keeping a few precautions in mind can make the journey after your marriage equally memorable. 

It is advisable for couples to travel to known locations, plan their stays at trusted properties and keep physical interaction with unknown and also known people to a bare minimum. While this would restrict the exploration of the city, it would certainly leave couples more time to spend by themselves and nurture the love shared by them.

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