Brave women serving in the defence

‘Do you have it in you?’ The provocative line in Army advertisements calling for officers to join its ranks has ensnared many. 

Since 1992, when the Army opened its doors to women, their numbers have only grown. 

Serving women officers will have you believe that they have stormed a male bastion and match their male counterparts step for step. 

According to figures provided by the Army, 252 of the 647 women officers either quit or got their release from the service in the last five years. Often, male officers raise the issue of women quitting by saying: it’s a waste of time and money training them because they leave to get married and have children.

But there are also women who are still serving while being pregnant or having kids to take care of at home. 

They are superwomen, who are both working for the nation and their family.

Easier said than done, these women actively performs both their duties in the best possible manner without even complaining.

Men might not be able to do the kind of sacrifices made by the women.

Even while doing their duties there are many areas where they are treated different compared to the man. They are often considered as weak and incapable of many jobs that only men can perform.  Gender sensitivity is a sore issue.

Even after having to go through so much, they are still committed to their work and duties, knowing that it their their country they are working for and at the same time their duties and responsibilities at home are never compromised. 

Defence Wards Matrimony salutes all such brave women.

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