Is there any alternative for marriage?

Marriage is a union of two individuals who promise to be together till they leave this earth. From two, they become one and take an oath to be each other’s partner forever.

But nowadays, marriage has been considered as something that brings in a lot of problems with it. Especially when the couples are not compatible and find it difficult to fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

People have now started to look for different ways to escape or find and alternative to this. Some believes that, falling in love is enough and that there is no need to get married. Some says it is better to adopt a child and have a very fulfilling life with your kid/kids. On the other hand some even suggest that having many pets will keep you busy and loved all the time and hence you don’t need a partner.
There are many alternatives or ways suggested by people which makes marriage an absolute wastage of time and money.

But think about it closely and minutely.Do you really think that you will be able to survive on your own for the rest of your life? Of course, friends and families are there but can you communicate with them openly all the time. Don’t you need that genuine person’s shoulders to cry on when you are sad and not comfortable about something. Don’t we all need someone to lean on and someone to support us mentally. Someone who always tries to see the best in us and motivates are to be a better person.

Someone who even after knowing all our flaws still believing in us and always encouraging and motivating us to do better in life. Someone who is our confidante, our secret keeper and our best friend.
Think about it and you will surely realise that there is just no alternative to marriage.

Finding the perfect partner for yourself will make you a cheerful and a better person.

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