Little things that matter a lot in any relationship

After getting married or getting into a relationship there are certain things that we start to take for granted or we feel isn’t that necessary. But to your surprise, these are the most essential things to keep your relationship alive and kicking..

Believe it or not, little things are what matters the most in life.

If you can keep the little things mentioned in mind and give them preferences, we are sure that you will have a happy and healthy relationship.


We know that it is simply impossible to be happy all the time. But at least you can try and focus on the positive sides.Happiness is an essential ingredient for a long lasting relationship, so who is going to create that happiness? It is you only. Your happiness is in your hands; you cannot expect your partner to be the keeper of your happiness and keep on expecting things from him. Remember that expectations will only hurt you.

Laughter is the best medicine

Once in a while, ditch all your inhibitions, pack all your worries and have fun like the kids. Do something silly, watch a comedy movie or go to a stand-up event or anything that makes you and your partner laugh and have a good time. Humor is a way to keep things light, and couples who often laugh together can live together in happiness. Laughter is surprisingly that one thing that can bring you and your partner closer to each other. It will keep your relationship and body both healthy.


Mutual Respect

This is the most important point or thing to have a long lasting relationship. Being a human we all have that little ego and we all demand certain kind of respect. After all we all human, right? Partners who respect each other and give their partners opinion a prime importance in life, will surely build a relationship that cannot be broken easily.



When we talk about, it is not only about trusting your partner, it is about building your character in such a way that your partner can trust you fully. Become a trustworthy person for your partner and we bet your partner will become the same for you. Have trust and let your partner be your confidante.

Give your partner some space and freedom

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you got A-Z access to your partners life. There may be days or moments when your partner would like to be left alone or would need some space. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they do not love you anymore nor does it mean that they love someone else. We are humans and we all have emotions, there are in life moments where we just want to be on our own and do not wish to discuss what we are going through with anyone. So respect this space of your partner and give them freedom to have and enjoy their own time.


Apologise and Forgive

We are human and we all make mistakes, if the mistake is made intentionally then that’s a different case otherwise make sure that you apologise for your mistakes and also you are quick to forgive your partner. You both love each other and are now partners for life, you do not know what happens the next moment nor do you know how long are you going to live life together. Prioritise your time together, appreciate and value it. Be quick to forgive and apologise whenever required.

Pray together

Partners who pray together, stays together. In life we all have some wishes and desires. And dreams that you wish to fulfill with your partner. Pray to God about that together and certainly he will fulfill  your wishes.


Compliment each other

We all are happy when complimented right? In the same way your partner will also feel more loved and appreciated when you compliment them. Whatever you like about your partner, highlight that and make them feel wanted and cherished.
A little sweet words never harmed no one. Say I love you often.


Emotional Support

Be each other’s emotional support at all times. Life happens and we all have our times when we get a bit emotional or we feel bad and sad about things. In such moments your partner should be your go to person and not anybody else. Make sure that you open to your partner and not to anyone else. Give your partner a priority, let them know how you feel and they will surely help you come out of it.

Eat together

We know life is busy and we all are running and getting thing done. These days mostly both partners are working and hence they have very less personal time. Especially eating together time. We take this as something not very important but this little thing holds a lot of importance in building a healthy relationship. As far as possible try to cook and eat together.

Building a healthy relationship is in you and your partners hand. Of course there are certain external factors that may create trouble but mostly it is in your hands. Work on the little things and we are sure the greater things will fall into place automatically.


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