Make this quarantine fun with your family..!

We all know that it is a very difficult time for all of us. Not being able to go out, do things you enjoyed outside is making you all bored and dull.

But think of the times when you were exhausted due to work, stressed over the assignment that needed to be submitted before the dead line. Also, think of the days when you wished the weekends to last forever. So here it is, your wish has been granted. You have all the time to enjoy and spend time with your family, but the only catch is to stay at home. Home is the perfect place to relax, chill and be productive. After all it is for your own safety and health. We can fight and win over this disease.

Sharing with you some tips on how you can spend this quarantine period fruitfully with your family.

Play indoor games

You along with your family can spend time together by playing indoor games like ludo, carom, chess etc This will help you refresh your mind.

Cook together

Every mother would appreciate a helping hand in the kitchen during this time. Every member of the family can play a small part in cooking.

Watch movies

The whole family can sit together and enjoy a movie. Trust me, it will be fun.


You can sit together and pray for the well being and good health of the health care professionals and the patients of Covid-19 all around the world. Let’s keep the faith alive.

Home schooling

Sit with the school going children if there are any in your family and help them learn new things from their syllabus. Give them some assignments to do as well.

Exercise regularly

You can get up early and do some indoor exercises that will keep you fit both mentally and physically. Do it with your family and it will be more fun.

Do not stress yourself

Do not stress yourself over the things you see on the internet and in the news. There are better days coming and we must all focus on the positive things rather than the negative ones. There is no use of stressing over the things in which you have no control. You are playing one of the most important role in this fight by staying home.

Take care of your health

Last but not the least make sure that everyone in the family is taking a proper care of their health. Focus should be on personal hygiene and see that you wash your hands regularly and drink plenty of water.  Remember Health is Wealth.

Make the best use of this time because time like this may never come back.

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