Marriage- An eternal bond

Marriage is the process through which two people make their relationship public and official.
The experience of being married could be a blessing or it could be frightening in today’s generation.
Your better half compliments your personality and makes you feel complete.

In this blog we are going to share about what will make your marriage an eternal bond-
It is important for everyone to figure out the reason for getting married, the right time and the manner to get married. One must ponder over these issues before nodding for marriage.

One must remember that for your parents, siblings, relatives and friends, your marriage is just an event to celebrate and enjoy. They will not come and solve your problems. So, get married only when you are fully convinced and ready. Your marriage should not be based on somebody else’s decision.

People believe that as they get older it will become difficult to get a suitable match for them as the biological clock keeps ticking. Marriage is much more than having sex and kids. If this is your reason for getting married then think again.

Keep it simple. Don’t get into debt. Your marriage is not an occasion to flaunt money. Marriage is not about money. Marriage is about acceptance, respect, love and understanding.

Trust each other. Don’t let any third person (be it your family, parents, relatives or friends) influence your relation.

Stand for each other. Protect each other. Avoid arguments and disagreements in public. Do not criticize each other in public. People will only misinterpret and misrepresent several things.

Confide and share everything that might affect the present and future of your relationship. While we don’t advocate the philosophy of sharing everything with your spouse and sometimes you need to make a few decisions on your own.

Improving a marriage doesn’t always require a gigantic intervention. Instead, changing little habits daily can make a big difference in how you feel about your marriage.

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