New Wedding Trends

We are well aware of the effect of Covid on our daily lifestyle. It has a great impact on all our social activities, especially on weddings.

With the onset of pandemic, we witnessed weddings sans huge crowds and long ceremonies. We even witnessed attending weddings through online streaming.

Now that we are going back to normal days, there are certain new trends that are being followed almost everywhere.

In this blog we are going to throw some light on the latest wedding trends that has come into existence after the dreadful pandemic.

Virtual Wedding Cards- Save the date

Gone are the days when tangible wedding cards were distributed to invite people. Nowadays it’s all digital. It is both eco friendly and pocket friendly. It saves your time of distribution and also reaches more people in no time.

Less is more

These days every bride prefers to apply a no make- make up kind of look. No one wants to overdo it like earlier times.

They want to look all dolled up but at the same time natural look is of the prime importance.

Pastel colour themed wedding

People no longer go for loud colours like red or maroon. Brides now prefer to go for a pastel coloured lehengas or sarees. Red coloured saree or lehengas are hardly seen these days.

Twinning is in

Similar coloured dress code is quite in these days. You will get to see the coordinated dress of bride and groom.

Also the coordinated dress of the bride with the bridesmaids.

Curated guest lists

We are still not ready to return to the days of larger than life weddings with guest lists running into the thousands. Even though guest restrictions have eased in most places, couples and families are still seeking the comfort and hassle-free enjoyment of smaller get-togethers with just those closest to them. Exclusive curated guest lists not only make festivities feel more personal and memorable, they also give you the room to spend on that dream venue or outfits, unique entertainment, or anything else you desire.

Destination wedding is back

After several months of at-home weddings and honeymoons at home, the easing of travel restrictions in most countries have been great news for people the world over, most of all couples as they can now plan their dream celebration/ honeymoon at their favorite destinations. Do keep in mind the travel regulations and health advisories of the places you visit and remember to follow health precautions to enjoy your festivities in a safe way. Coronavirus is still there and we should take utmost precautions.

Earthy Neutrals 

You can  expect to see more muted hues take center stage. “The color palette we are seeing emerge is earth tones—nude, beige, soft white, dusty rose, and rust,” says Sheils. “While these colors are pretty in their own right, it has been rumored to be making more of an appearance due to an increased focus on the environment post-pandemic.”

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