Perks of joining the Defence

Joining military service is one of the oldest career decisions, many people wish to join it but only the best few get selected.

Firstly and honestly speaking ,the Indian Army is not meant for or is about taking benefits. It is purely meant for those whose sole motive is to serve and protect our Motherland.

Anyway, people who join the Army(defence) enjoy great benefits, and if they enlisted early enough can still go on to normal civilian life after serving in the Army.

This isn’t a list of EVERYTHING because there are just too many to mention, but this is a general summary of things you get to enjoy in the defence.

Skills and training: The Army is one of the best places in the world to learn skills that matter in real life and also applies to the workplace. They are known not only to be a highly disciplined organization but they know how to ingrain such attributes into their soldiers. Valuable skills that are applicable to the workplace are taught in the army. One of the biggest skill the military is known to instill in their soldiers is discipline. Discipline is the ability to follow instructions while carrying out an assignment. This is a skill needed the workplace for effective delivery of job assignments. Another notable skill is teamwork; in the Army, soldiers understand that the life of each team member depends on how well each person delivers their part of the job assignment. Other skills learned in the army include precision, accountability, leadership and communication skills.

Guaranteed Paycheck, Free Rent and Utilities: Nobody ever became a millionaire by joining the military, but you can always take pleasure in the fact that no matter what, that check will ALWAYS show up in your account the first and the fifteenth of every month (whether you’re a hard worker or not). If you are married or a high enough pay grade, you will have the option to live in town on the government’s dime. They will pay for your rent, and give you a set amount of money to cover utilities.

Leadership opportunities: Another significant benefit of joining the Army is the opportunity for leadership. The Army thrives on order and leadership. People who join the Army are trained to lead because the success of their mission depends on their leadership skills. There are lots of opportunities to lead others as you grow in rank in the Army. Leadership skills are required in the workplace because the workplace thrives where there are great leaders. Leadership in the workplace is valuable and is a key skill that is learned in the Army.

Free Health Care:Ever get injured and not called an ambulance because that thing is way too expensive? Well, active duty military doesn’t have to pay for that thing. Roll your ankle at PT? The ambulance will pick you up free of charge. Need your wisdom teeth pulled? The military has that covered too. So you feel free to drive fast and jump off of roofs or whatever your into, because as long as you survive, they will fix you for free.

Paid Vacation: In the military, you earn about 2 months of paid leave. And these are apart from the weekly offs and government holidays that you get. Plus you can accumulate your leaves as long as your command allows it, and redeem all of those at a time in one year.

Military Discounts: Most places provide military personnel with discounts and some places even welcome them for free. You get to travel on discounted tickets, get subsidized items in the canteen and much more. You even get treatment in world-class hospitals at discounted rates/free of cost.

Free Education: If you can’t afford college and don’t want to have those horrible student loans hanging over your head, then the military is a good way to go. The NDA provides its cadets with Bachelors’s in Degree certificate after the completion of their training. The cadets are fresh out of school before joining. What better than this? You are getting your education worth lakhs and training for your dream job, both at the same time!

You Get to Learn New Skills: The military emphasizes the constant and consistent learning of its soldiers. If you have other interests, the Indian Military even assists you in your goal to always keep learning and reaching new heights, be it representing Indian in the Olympics or undertaking adventurous activities.

Unmatched Reputation: Imagine yourself introducing to others after you become an army man, you will be treated with respect wherever you go, you may feel like you are just serving your country or doing your duty just likes others, but people will always think of you as a real hero.

Accommodation Facilities: What are the basic things that you look for when searching for a locality to reside? Clean environment, good neighborhood, security, etc. Army cantonment areas provide all that is required to make your living better.

As already mentioned, these may not fully cover all the benefits availed in the defence services. There may be many more perks and benefits of joining the defence.

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