Inter-caste marriage is where two people from different castes seek union as a married couple. It is usually a result of the couple meeting and dating outside of family circles. Caste is a traditional and cultural entity, which has stemmed from primarily Hinduism but has prevailed across most backgrounds from South Asia.

A common practice when it comes to marriage is that ‘you marry your own kind’ and therefore, within your own caste. It is very common for higher castes to object to a marriage to a lower caste. Therefore, as much as modern and western values endorse the freedom to choose who you want to marry, marrying out of caste can still be a huge issue for those with South Asian roots. Following are the problems related to inter-caste marriages More responsibilities on couple: Since the marriage is against the families will, the couple has to carry all financial burden and household responsibilities. They cannot expect to get any help from their parents or in-laws. They may not even allow to inherit paternal property. Hence there is a very heavy financial burden on them. Problems for children: Problems may arise in future for the children regarding the religion that they should follow. It also creates marital problem of children and other siblings as society does not recognize this type of marriage. Children are often deprived of love and affection of their in-laws. Weaken the unity of caste and religion: Inter-caste, interstate and interrelation marriage eliminates the cultural differences and narrow regional community feeling between various castes, community in India and it is the means by which national integration can be brought about. So it is better to popularize this type of marriages as it will help to eliminate such malpractices as dowry, bride price, unsuited marriages etc. Psychological issues may arise: These types of marriages are always based on romantic love affair. After marriage if the dreams of the husband and wife are not materialized or if they are unable to adjust in respect of culture, attitude and religious practices, they blame each other for their incompatibility and get frustrated in life.

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