Many couples experience similar issues that arise during the first year of marriage, and those who are able to work through it will ultimately be able to strengthen their relationships for the long term.

The first year of marriage is probably the hardest. You are still learning to adjust and understand each other, and find a rhythm to your shared life as a married couple.

The key to not let the first year of marriage problems take a toll on your bond is to nurture it with love, affection, understanding and commitment.

These problems can also be resolved with the right approach and openness to reflect. 

You experience lack of understanding during the first year of marriage

Remember your relationship is new for both of you so understanding between the two of you might not be very strong. “How well or poorly you’re adjusting to married life boils down to the maturity of the individuals in the marriage. If there is respect, empathy, compassion & trust, then any relationship will succeed remarkably.

Adjustment and communication issues

Even if you’ve known your partner a long time, you may discover things about them that you may not necessarily like. Try to tell them about it in a manner that they do not get hurt. Always remember words once spoken cannot be taken back. So, do not use harsh words and communicate your feelings appropriately with one another.

Issues with the In-laws

It may not always be a reason that disturbs your married life but then there are times when your in-laws might cause trouble for you. You cannot speak ill about them to your spouse as they are his/her parents. However, you have to talk to your spouse and try to figure things out. A piece of first-year marriage advice that you must follow is to share freely with your partner regarding the issues you are facing with your in-laws.

Identity Crisis

Marriage brings about a change in identity, especially for women. It marks a transition in your life from being single to a team of two. Your responsibilities at work and home may change, and you may find it tough to strike a balance between family and work. However, a steady relationship built on trust and support can help you overcome this crisis.

Fear Of The Future

That’s how most of the fairytales end after the prince weds the princess. Nothing adds to the idea of forever like marriage. The thought of forever lingers over all your decisions and signifies your commitment to the relationship. For many couples, it can be scary. Often, the happily-ever-afters open up possibilities of uncertainty.

The fear of uncertainties in the relationship and not being able to handle them affects many people. Communication between the partners is a vital ingredient for a happy married life. Express your doubts and fears without any hesitation to rest your concerns.

Commitment In A Relationship

Faith, trust, and commitment are the foundations of every relationship. Marriage requires a deeper level of commitment. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a happy married life. There may be times when things will not go your way. It requires a deep commitment from your side to take the initiative to resolve and overcome the issues.

Avoid prioritizing your feelings over your spouse’s to keep your relationship going strong. Also, having unrealistic expectations from your better half can only lead to disappointment and heartaches.

Unrealistic expectations

If you are having unrealistic expectations from your spouse or vice versa, then it will only lead to disappointment. Better is to expect less and accept your spouse as they are. Find contentment in what is available rather than cribbing about what is lacking. It will make life simpler and more enjoyable for you. 

The good news is, the tough first year of marriage doesn’t last forever. Couples settle down and get used to the marriage and most go on to have many easier, less bumpy years after that. Couples settle down and get used to the marriage and most go on to have many easier, less bumpy years after that. At least until they get to the first year of having a child.