Pros and Cons of marrying someone from the same profession

When you think of marriage and anything related to it. Your thought will surround that one person you are planning to spend the rest of your life with. And while thinking about the person you are going to marry, the profession is one of the most important aspects to ponder about. In fact, it is the first thing that you look into, especially in an arranged marriage.

In today’s generation where both the partners involved are well educated and working and girls are willing to continue working even after getting married. It is very important to think about whether to marry someone from the same profession or not

Today we are going to discuss with you the various Pros and Cons of marrying someone who is from the same profession.


It is highly beneficial they say, to marry someone who belongs to the same profession. And the reason being you both can have better compatibility and understand each other better.

True that married life and professional life are two entirely different aspects. But they are somehow somewhere connected to each other. When you choose someone who belongs to the same field or profession, you don’t take much time to connect and you get many things to discuss and talk about. You automatically feel attached to them and you tend to feel – that’s where you belong. Without much explanations, you are able to clarify millions of things.

Moreover, you will now have someone to share your work-related issues anytime, anywhere. Even in days when you are busy with something else and needs a helping hand to help you out with work projects etc, they will be there to help you out.

Here are some points clearly stating why you should marry someone from the same field.

More time for each other

Working couples who belong to the same field in a private sector can easily join the same company or industry. Even while at work they will always be together this way. The breaks in between work would give them opportunities to catch up with each other.

Stability in finances

The major advantage of marrying someone with the same profession is that you know how much hard work it takes to get rewarded. Since both of you will be getting a particular scale after the required inputs, the couple would know the real worth of each other.

More affection towards each other

Couples who spend more time together and physically present for each other tend to remain attracted to each other. The sense of respect and eternal attraction is the main reason why you must hook up with someone belonging to the same profession.

Workload sharing

Since you and your husband are working together, in the same field. You know each other’s work clearly and hence could easily help each other in times of need. And having the full knowledge of each other work field and status, you trust each other more and there is better understanding. After all, what is marriage other than a commitment based on compatibility, empathy and mutual need fulfilment?

However, other aspects like compatibility and mutual need fulfilment still need to be looked at very carefully before taking a decision.


Marrying a person from the same profession is a bit tricky especially in careers in business.

For eg If you do sales management for a living, you will subconsciously end up giving a sales pitch for your ideas at home too and since you do not like to lose a sale, you are going to end up bulldozing your way even if you didn’t mean to in the first place. Ego is a bitch. Another positive is you get to learn a lot of new practices from other sectors which may even help you at the workplace. It would also help you meet new people and open up new areas of interest.

If two singers are the best friends in the same domain and there is a tough competition between those two, the probability of jealousy, hatred or negativity is higher. If a friendship can be endangered because of today’s competitiveness then the family tensions are not justified for such silly reasons.

You can’t be happy with your own competitors, trust me. Even if you’re on number one position with number two and number three placed people, there will be a feeling of insecurity. For a normal person, it is difficult to handle the mood swings 24X7!

Well, talking about the same things in office as well as home isn’t entertaining, though. If you run out of topics, that’s a fault from your side. There is no need of having the same profession. Even if you need help, you can contact your colleagues. Any need of spouse for that?

If you say things can be better with proper understanding, then the professional lives won’t really matter in the first place itself!

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