Why do we spend so much on Marriages?

The wedding is the sign of lifetime commitment to that one person you love and wish to be with for a lifetime. It’s like you’re announcing to the world how much you love your partner. Also, it is one of the few events in our lives that our favourite people gather at the wedding reception venues and celebrate.

We have been witnessing since olden times that a wedding is an occasion where we do not hesitate to spend and try to make it the best one. After all, a wedding is not an event that occurs several times during your lifetime. It is not just in India but anywhere you go, people try to make their wedding the best and spend as much as they could. Especially for parents, it is an important occasion as they could witness their children entering the next phase of life.

There are other common reasons which we could gather from different people. They might or might not be true.

  • To show off their wealth– In many cultures, an ostentatious display with the pricey dress, huge feast and many hired professionals speaks to the family’s wealth and position. Big weddings communicate status and let the family brag about what they’ve got.
  • To celebrate the couple– Giving your daughter a wedding in royal style can be a way for some parents to communicate love and affection. The couple might also want to celebrate themselves and their love by having an expensive party.
  • To create memories– A lavish wedding, especially one with an unusual or excessive twist, is very memorable. Since many couples dream of staying married forever – even though it’s often not the reality – they want to make their special day extremely special, with all the trimmings.
  • From a sense of obligation– Different cultures put a lot of emphasis on huge weddings. The bride and groom may feel they need to put on a big show so they don’t disappoint. The family may believe a small, simple affair would suggest they aren’t really supportive or the couple isn’t worth a nicer one.


There might be other reasons as well for such lavish spendings on a wedding, you can share your opinions on the comments section below.



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