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Sharing responsibilities can improve your married life - Defence Wards Matrimony

Sharing responsibilities can improve your married life

There are no definite rules for a successful marriage. It depends on what works best for you two and how well you can adjust things.

After marriage, there are certain responsibilities that are needed to be shared by the couples, failures of which could lead to misunderstandings and quarrels.

Sharing with you what all responsibilities could be shared by the couple to have a happily married life.

Doing the dishes-

If you could afford to have a maid who could help you with the household chores than its fine otherwise make sure that husband-wife shares these responsibilities. If one is cleaning the table one should do the dishes or vice a Versa. Dividing work with your partner and actually doing it together will increase the level of affection you have for both.

Grocery Shopping-

This too holds a very important role in any married life. It is often considered that grocery shopping is to be done by the female. This is not true once the list for the grocery shopping is made, either of the partners whoever is free should go and get things.

Child Upbringing

Both the partners should share the responsibility of raising the kid. It’s not just the mother who holds the responsibility for taking care of the child. Both parents should share this responsibility to develop their child.

Managing finances

This is a very important responsibility after marriage. this could be taken care of by the one who is good in setting budgets and plans things well.

Home decor

When it comes to colours and patterns and decorating stuff, the wife could come into action as usually females are considered to have a better taste in home decorations.


This could be done by whoever feels like it and whoever got time. It should not be only the wife or the husband who cooks every time. Anyone willing to or is interested in cooking should take over.

The idea that there should be an equal distribution of chores is just not practical. There are a lot of variables that you cannot account for. You need to make judgment calls. It is perfectly fine if one is doing 60% of the chores as long as that does not cause any dissent in the relationship.

“Find ways to connect throughout the day, even if it’s just doing dishes together or watching a movie,” Galovan said. “These simple connections in daily life seem to enhance couples’ marital satisfaction and improve the quality of their relationships.”