“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
Zig Ziglar

Sharing with you all some ways to motivate yourself and live life in a better and more peaceful way-

Start small if big leads you to procrastinating-

If a project or task feels too big and making you feel lazy, don’t let that lead you into procrastination. Instead, break it down into small steps and do one thing at a time.


Get motivation from the people in your life-

Spend less time with negative people who always look at the dark or apathetic side of things and make you feel bad about yourself.  Instead spend more of your valuable time with enthusiastic or motivated people and let their energy flow over to you. Believe in the magic of Good Vibes


Be constructive about the failures-

To make your setbacks more valuable and less hurtful, be constructive about them. When you stumble (everyone does) ask yourself: What Can I learn from this setback?

Then keep that lesson in mind and use it as a weapon to succeed in the days to come.


Be thankful and grateful for what you have-

When motivation is running low then it’s easy to start seeing your life and the aspects of it through a negative lens. In such situations, Instead of feeling low and growling over what you don’t have, be happy and feel content about what you already own. It will help you keep your mind in peace. After all inner peace is more important than wealth.


Pray more often-

Put the almighty God as a priority in your life. Praying and having a spiritual relationship with God will help you live your life in a more peaceful manner. Always longing for worldly things will only leave with depressed and sad. Be thankful, always.


Working out doesn’t just affect your body-

Just 20-30 minutes of lifting free weights releases inner tensions and stress and makes you feel more focused once again. You will feel more fresh and confident.


Take some time to look back at your success-

It is easier to think about the things you do not own, and compare yourself with others who seems to have everything. But sit back and take some time to think about the ladder you climbed, how far you’ve reached, the successes you have achieved so far. Remember the times when you prayed for the things that you have now.


Compare yourself to yourself and see how far you have come-

Instead of deflating yourself and your motivation by comparing yourself to others who are so far ahead of you. Compare yourself to yourself, see how far you’ve come and what all you have achieved. Count your blessings one by one. After all, in the ladder of success every single step counts.


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