Technologies Impact on Relationships

No-one can imagine a life without technology now. From the moment we wake up, until the time we fall asleep, we use various technologies to make our lives easier. Technology in itself is not bad. However, the way we have come to develop our lives around it is.

The internet is one such technology which has made our lives so much easier. Half of the world population uses the internet. India  has over 460 million internet users and is the second in largest online market after China.

However, we have come to lose the meaning to relationships because of the internet. Most of our festivals and relations have deteriorated so much so that it is not the same anymore. We hardly take the time to put our phone down and sit with the people around us. Our lives have become so much easier that all we have to do is tap and and our ‘well wishes’ will be forwarded to all our friends and family. Waiting for festivals and holidays is not the same anymore. More than actually wanting to spend the festival together with family, we look forward to a day of being online all the time, or watching YouTube.

Same is with our relationships. Most of the time, we prefer to text our partners because it’s more convenient than calling or meeting in person. Saves money and time. However, texting or even calling does not equal to face to face communication. And we are talking about actual dates here. We are so used to living an easy lifestyle due to our dependence on technology we don’t bother to go outside unless the internet is down.

Life is so much more than that. Let us not forget to make time for those who are present around you in real life. The ones without whom you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Because someday when we look back at time, we are not going to be laughing at the meme we sent to someone back then or a YouTube video you watched. You will only regret not spending time with them while you still could.

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