Tips on how to cope with dating anxieties..!!

Dating is hard, and dating with anxiety is even harder. Also meeting your would-be- husband/wife is equally challenging and hard. Following are some tips to help you cope better with dating anxiety-

 1.  Be open-minded and optimistic

Focus on the positive possibilities instead of the negative thoughts. Don’t read into things negatively and enjoy the moment.

 2. Play it safe

Trying something different and new on the first date will only leave you confused and flustered. Play it safe, be comfortable, be yourself.

 3. Focus on them

Focus on their likes and dislikes, eye contacts and body language. Focus on them and not yourself. Don’t stay stuck in your negative thoughts and opinions.

4. Relax

Try to relax yourself listening to music you love before your date. Let your mind not overflow with negative thoughts.

 5. Breathe

Dating can be nerve-wracking and first dates are usually awkward. It’s okay to be nervous. Breathe and remember that you are awesome. You can do this. It’ll be alright.

 6. Be honest

Dating with anxiety is already stressful as it is. Be honest about the type of environment you’re not comfortable in. Trying to fit in the wrong environment and dealing with anxiety and stress at the same time is a recipe for disaster. Choose a setting you are comfortable with and be honest with your partner.

 7. Conversations

Keep the conversation a pleasant one. Avoid talking about negative and traumatic events. Especially on your first date. Try to learn about each others likes and interests and find the fun together.

Hope the above tips will help you overcome your anxieties.

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